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Mobile Apps on the "Go" – FileMaker Go:

Utilizing FileMaker Pro as a rapid CRM application development tool, our certified FileMaker business app developers can create custom applications that you can run on your iPad or iPhone devices. These applications run under the FileMaker Go App which can be purchased on the iTunes App store. Once installed, these custom CRM apps can run as a stand-alone application, can transfer data to a desktop, or be shared with a database server in your office or hosted in the cloud. Mobile CRM software for your iPhone and iPad offers versatility and convenience for your business.

Custom Apps for Your Home or Business:

  • Customer/Prospect Notes
  • Sales Order Taking
  • Service/Work Order Details
  • Property/Equipment Inspections
  • Field Checklists
  • Member/Attendee Name Roster
  • Mailing List Sign-ups
  • Surveys
  • Inventory Tracking/Look-up
  • Home/Business Asset Inventory
  • Event Planner
  • Real Estate Listing Details/Notes
  • Rental Property ROI Calculator
  • Expense Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Travel Itinerary and Details
  • Password Vault
  • Project/Event Budget Tracking
  • and much more

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We have taken the best of the FileMaker software that we have developed over the years and created a series of frameworks to facilitate our software development. These Frameworks are templates that can be incorporated into an existing FileMaker system or used as a starting foundation for a new system. These files include basic tables, scripts, layouts and even include some of the most popular features requested by our existing customers. Using a framework versus building from scratch can save on the overall development cost.

To find out more about our Frameworks please give us call.