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FM Credit Card connects your FileMaker solution to your preferred merchant processing application. This plug-in gives you the ability to securely capture client credit information within FileMaker.

With server-side compatibility, clients can use the plug-in's functionality on FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect.

FM Credit Card

Automate Credit Card Transactions
Automate your credit card transactions in FileMaker and allow your users to easily process any credit card transaction. There is no limit to how many transactions you can process! Functions include authorize and capture sales, refunds and credits, voids, and raw posts.

Receive Approval Codes
The plug-in returns the approval codes for each transaction confirming if it successfully processed, if it was declined or if it returned any errors.

3 Different Gateways
Choose from 3 different gateways to meet all your needs. Currently the plug-in supports:
- Authorize.Net
- PayPal*
- Authorize.Net Emulator
* Please note, the plugin ONLY works with the basic PayPal Merchant Account.

Build Custom Posts
Advanced functionality allows for custom posts to be built so you can implement additional services offered by your gateway such as processing of eChecks, Tele-Checks, Automated Clearing Houses (ACH) and PINless debit transactions.

Secure and SSL Encrypted
We use industry leading SSL encryption so all credit card transactions from FileMaker Pro are secure and safe.

Additional Server-Side Features:
Unlimited Users Per Server:
With no per-user cost, you can scale your solution easily.

Multiple Devices: Use the plug-in's functionality on desktop, laptop, iOS device, or via the web with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

Pay it Forward Processing:
Interested in low rates and giving back to your community?

Productive Computing, Inc. uses Pay it Forward Processing as our own merchant services provider. Pay it Forward is a family-owned, nationwide full-service merchant card processing company that offers low rates and a variety of payment processing solutions. They are committed to helping businesses succeed and allowing you to give back to the community by donating a portion of every swipe to your preferred charity.

Enroll in their Every Swipe Benefits Charity® Program and you can give back to your community. With this program, your credit card processing fees won’t increase - in fact, most clients see a reduction in their fees - and a portion of every swipe will be donated to the charity of your choice. PFProcessing has made it possible for money to be donated to charity without the merchant changing anything that they are currently doing and at no additional cost.

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FM Credit Card Client-Side and Server-Side Integration Package Includes:
1. Installation and registration of the plug-in, including connecting to your merchant account.

2. Layout modifications on an existing invoice or order in your current FileMaker Solution (maximum of 2 layouts). 

3.  Creation of the following fields:
- Credit Card Number
-  Expiration Date
-  CVV Code
- Capture Response Code
- Timestamp for when the capture response code was generated

4.   Addition of a button to “run card” (Authorize and Capture) and scripting logic to process the credit card, including:
- Successful response
-  Declined response
-  Response for when you intentionally try to run the card again for a declined response
-  Response for when you accidentally try to run the card again for a successful response
-  Blank out/remove credit card number and expiration date after successful response (optional)
-  Button will only appear and function for those users who have the plug-in installed (add appropriate error messaging)

Please note, when Productive Computing is performing the integration the plug-in can be set to Test Mode in order to avoid affecting the client's live data.

Prerequisites for Integration Package

In order to qualify for the FM Credit Card Integration Package your FileMaker solution needs to meet certain criteria. These prerequisites will be reviewed at the time of the sale. Please contact sales@productivecomputing for a consultation and to determine eligibility.

- Client must have an Invoices or Orders database that includes the following fields:

1. Customer First and Last Name (this would be the cardholder’s name). PCI could script to parse out first/last name to ensure it pushes properly if they are in a single field. 

2. Address including city, state and zip code. PCI will script to parse out these fields to ensure it pushes properly if they are in a single field. 

3. Phone number

4. Total amount to be charged

- Customer has to have an or emulated/compatible gateway account or a PayPal account

- The gateway merchant key must be provided in order to pass credit card transactions to the gateway

Download demo now WindowsMacintosh

System Requirements

Application: MacintoshWindowsClient License:
FileMaker® Pro 14 - 16
(32-bit and 64-bit)

Server License:
FileMaker Server 14- 16
Windows Server 2012 and 2016 
MacOS Server 10.11 – 10.13

Platform: Windows® 7/8/10
Mac OS 10.11 - 10.13

Other:A merchant or test account with Authorize.Net, PayPal, Pay it Forward, or an Authorize.Net Emulator is required to use the plug-in.

The client-side plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 14-16, Windows® 7/8/10, MacOS 10.11-10.13 and may work with earlier versions.

The server side plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker® Server 14-16.



Single User - Per Year: $35.00

10 User - Per Year: $70.00

Server License - Per Year: $250.00

Client-Side Integration Package: $300.00

Server-Side Integration Package: $400.00

Click here for Developer Pricing

Plug-in Information

Successful integration of FileMaker plug-ins requires the creation of integration scripts within your FileMaker solution. Intermediate to advanced experience with FileMaker Pro, especially in the areas of scripting and calculations is necessary to integrate this plug-in. After review of our overview videos, sample scripts and documentation you find you need assistance please contact us or fill out a Request For Quote.

Additional Product Information

Please Note This fully functional demo is useable for 30 days. However, the demo will expire 2 hours from opening your FileMaker application. To reset please close and reopen your FileMaker application.

When purchasing the server-side edition, a single user license (client side) will be included. All gateways will need a client side version for development purposes only.

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