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This powerful utility plug-in provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker® and Adobe® Acrobat. Whether you need to search text contained within PDF document or extract data from PDF form fields, this is the plug-in for you. Using the PDF Manipulator you can create a searchable document management system or process forms faster by eliminating the need to hand key the information into your database.

PDF Manipulator


Document Management:
The plug-in allows you to extract the text content and metadata of a PDF document directly into your FileMaker solution. Once in your database you can search through the content inside the document and even determine what page of the document the content appears on!

Form Automation:
By using the plug-in you can insert or extract data between PDF form fields and FileMaker, speeding up and reducing the effort required to do this manually! This is very useful for industries and organizations that depend heavily on forms (government agencies, IRS, real estate and mortgage brokers, etc.).

Combining PDFs:
Combine and delete multiple PDF documents into a single PDF from within FileMaker Pro.

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System Requirements

Application: MacintoshWindowsFileMaker® Pro 13 - 15 for Windows

FileMaker Pro 13 - 14 for Mac

Requires Adobe® Acrobat 8- 11 Standard or Professional.

**PDF Manipulator is a 32-bit plug-in and therefore not compatible with FileMaker 15 for Mac

Platform: Windows® 7/8
Mac OS X 10.9-10.10

Other:This plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 13-15 for Windows, 32-bit, FileMaker Pro 13-14 for Mac, 32-bit, Windows® 7/8, Macintosh 10.9-10.10 and may work with earlier versions.

Version: Win / Mac


Single User: $74.95

5 User: $337.28

10 User: $539.64

25 Users: $1,214.19

Single User - UPGRADE: $48.72

5 User - UPGRADE: $219.23

10 User - UPGRADE: $350.77

25 Users - UPGRADE: $789.22

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Plug-in Information

Successful integration of FileMaker plug-ins requires the creation of integration scripts within your FileMaker solution. Intermediate to advanced experience with FileMaker Pro, especially in the areas of scripting and calculations is necessary to integrate this plug-in. After review of our overview videos, sample scripts and documentation you find you need assistance please contact us or fill out a Request For Quote.

Additional Product Information

Please Note This fully functional demo file is useable for 30 days. However, the demo will expire 2 hours from opening your FileMaker application. To reset please close and reopen your FileMaker application.

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