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Knowing what to expect

Making sure everyone is on the same page when restructuring or modifying a solution is critical. That's why we make sure everyone is on board with our development cycle before and throughout so we can ensure a successful delivery.

  • Our Development Cycle

Our Development Cycle

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Request For Quote (RFQ):

This simple online form provides us with the details we need in order to begin a conversation about your project. You can either choose to fill in the information online or call us to complete it over the phone. Once we have your completed RFQ we will schedule a consult with a Design Engineer.

Design Engineer:

One hour of free consultation is provided upon completion of an RFQ. The Design Engineer utilizes this time to discuss your project in more detail so that an estimate can be prepared for your approval.


A basic written estimate will be presented to you that specifies what will be done to reach your objectives and with a projected price range. For complicated projects a feasibility study may be required to fully document the scope of the project.

Feasibility Study:

For medium to large projects this step is required in order to ensure we know exactly what you need done, what your timeline is and how you want your software to work, etc. This part of the process includes heavy communication with key staff, reviewing the functionality of your current software solutions and business processes, researching compatibility with third party applications, and familiarizing ourselves with your IT infrastructure to get an exact definition of the project.

Database Development:

Once we have a thorough understanding of what needs to be accomplished we move onto development. The Project Manager will schedule a kick-off meeting to introduce you to your team and will keep you informed throughout the development process. There will be several remote sessions with you to review the progress and functionality of your solution, allowing for you and your staff to comment on the solutions functionality, performance and usability as it's being built.

Delivery and Support:

Once the bulk of the programming is done, we will deploy the solution in your office for final testing and refinement by your key personnel. Once all issues have been resolved we can roll the system out to your entire staff and receive your project sign-off. In addition we will have post installation support and training available for your staff as you need it.

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What People are Saying

"I love the new calendar for the projects. I am so happy and now our members can really see our projects at at glance."

"I was able to show a teacher that they had made an error, and that the database is operating just fine. Really saved my neck on that one. "