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Our team of developers can assist you with full service FileMaker development as well as integration with IWP, PHP, MySQL and more.

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FileMaker Consulting

Looking for a FileMaker developer to increase the functionality or usability of your existing FileMaker database? We can assist you as little or as much as you like with FileMaker consulting services. Whether you need technical CRM support on a small issue, want to expand your database file, integrate plug-ins, or allow web access via IWP or PHP, we are ready to provide the FileMaker support you are looking for.

Modification of Existing FileMaker Solution:

Our FileMaker Pro developers can assist you with the FileMaker help you are looking for. We are skilled at programming modifications or additions to existing FileMaker solutions and providing experienced FileMaker consulting that brings new ideas and efficiencies to your business operations software. No matter what version of FileMaker you are using, our certified developers can help determine the best CRM solutions and most cost-effective path for you to reach your goals.

Web Integration via IWP or PHP:

Want to access your FileMaker database online or capture client information directly from the web? We can help you manage and maintain dynamic web data such as inventory lists, shopping carts, online forms and anything else you want to capture or publish to the web.

Mobile Device Integration:

Want to get your sales or production data on your handheld mobile device such as iPhone, PDA or Blackberry? We can make it happen! You can have access to critical data in real time keeping you in control of your business no matter where you are.

Pull Data from MySQL, SQL or Oracle:

FileMaker Pro version 9 or above has the ability to access data stored in MySQL, SQL or Oracle solutions. Let our certified FileMaker Pro developers build a window into your enterprise solution.

Plug-In Integration:

We have years of experience building and integrating various plug-ins into FileMaker solutions. Instead of spending hours trying to figure it out, let us save you time by integrating the plug-in for you.

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We have taken the best of the FileMaker software that we have developed over the years and created a series of frameworks to facilitate our software development. These Frameworks are templates that can be incorporated into an existing FileMaker system or used as a starting foundation for a new system. These files include basic tables, scripts, layouts and even include some of the most popular features requested by our existing customers. Using a framework versus building from scratch can save on the overall development cost.

To find out more about our Frameworks please give us call.