Productive Computing, Inc. Releases Microsoft Exchange Manipulator Plug-in

San Diego, CA – February 24, 2006 – Productive Computing, Inc. a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, today announced the release of the Exchange Manipulator plug-in. This plug-in offers to the FileMaker developer complete access to Microsoft Exchange Folders via Microsoft Outlook. The release of this product coincides with the release of the Outlook Manipulator v3 plug-in.

The Exchange Manipulator plug-in is an advanced version of the Outlook Manipulator v3 plug-in. The Exchange Manipulator Plug-in contains all of the functionality of the Outlook Manipulator v3, plus the added functionality of access multiple ‘Mailboxes’ and Exchange ‘Public Folders.’

Exchange Manipulator features:
– Access any folder and mailbox available to the current user’s Profile
– Access all Exchange ‘Public Folders’ and data sources

Outlook Manipulator v3 features included in the Exchange Manipulator:
– Increased access to Outlook record types to include Notes, Journal, and Post Items
– Import e-mail message headers
– Uses Outlook’s own e-mail engine to send email without using an external SMTP mail client and bypasses all security dialogs
– Fully Unicode compatible (International Language support)
– Authenticate User (for Outlook Profiles)
– New Record, Delete Record, Delete All Records
– Save Record (or Send Mail)
– Open Record, Set Field Data
– Verify Field Data
– Get Field Data, Get First Record, Get Next Record, Get Record Count
– Set Mail Folder
– Open Folder, Open First Folder, Open Next Folder
– Get Mail Folder ID
– Move Mail

With this new plug-in, developers and users have the tools to manipulate Microsoft Outlook data DIRECTLY THROUGH A FILEMAKER PRO INTERFACE! The Exchange Manipulator passes data between Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Mail, Journal, and Post Items.

“With the new advanced capability of accessing public folders and data sources on the Exchange Server, the Exchange Manipulator opens a whole new world of enterprise-wide solution integration. Finally, with a handful of script steps FileMaker users and developers can create seamless connectivity between FileMaker and Exchange.” – CEO, Marc Larochelle

Example Uses:
– Manage and maintain company wide public contacts directory in Exchange from your FileMaker solution.
– Manage and maintain company wide public calendars in Exchange using your FileMaker solution
– Populate FileMaker with your Outlook E-mail for archiving purposes and quick search capability.
– Create Outlook tasks from your live FMP data complete with reminders!
– Send Mass E-Mail campaigns without encountering Outlook security dialogs

Productive Computing, Inc. is one of the Partner Level members of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, a 2000 member organization of professional FileMaker pro developers. The company specializes in custom database design and FileMaker Pro plug-in development.