Why Hire A Team

Collective experience

By hiring a team you get the collective experience of the whole group. Our staff works together to meet the variety of challenges that each individual project brings.

  • Why Hire A Team

Why Hire a Team

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Instead of hiring one person with a limited resume of personal experience, our team of experts have a whole companyís worth of experience to draw upon.


Our team of developers hold FileMaker Pro Certifications for every version of FileMaker Pro.

Backup Coverage:

When you hire a team, you donít have to worry about support coverage during vacations, sick or personal time off. When your assigned support developer is out, another developer can immediately step in to support you.

Cost Savings:

For companies considering hiring a full-time development employee our annual outsourced support costs can be far lower. We take the cost out of finding, testing and training a candidate as well as save you money by not having to provide benefits, health insurance, retirement, pensions, etc.

On-Site Assistance:

Although we do most of our development remotely, we can provide on-site assistance as needed.

PCI Stats:

FileMaker 16
FileMaker 15
FileMaker 14
FileMaker 13
FileMaker 12
FileMaker 11

What People are Saying

"I love the new calendar for the projects. I am so happy and now our members can really see our projects at at glance."

"I was able to show a teacher that they had made an error, and that the database is operating just fine. Really saved my neck on that one. "