01. Overview [3:19]

Description: This video provides an overview of the iCal Manipulator.


Introducing the iCal Manipulator for FileMaker. This plug-in allows you to connect FileMaker with Apples iCal using nothing more than FileMaker script steps.

0:16 So why use iCal? iCal is a built in application that comes with all Macs and is a primary calendar program used by Mac users. iCal connects with mobile technologies such as the iPhone, Palm Trio and more. And iCal directly connects with Microsoft Exchange.

0:38 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of using the iCal Manipulator. Centralized Calendars: What traditionally happens in an organization is that individuals keep individual iCal Calendars independent from one another and the organization. Calendar events are not centralized for easy access to all. Our plug-in can fix this problem by importing calendars directly from and individuals iCal into FileMaker. There by centralization all calendar events into a single FileMaker table. Now that all calendar events are in FileMaker you can organize the calendar events by user or by any look and feel you desire in FileMaker, allowing all your users calendar events to be accessible company wide by everyone using FileMaker.

1:27 The reverse is also true. What happens if you have all your calendars in FileMaker and want to push specific user’s calendar events to their iCal application? You can use the plug-in to update your individual iCal calendars and eliminate double entry, thus keeping everyone’s iCal calendars up to date and accurate.

1:48 Since iCal already has great integration with third party applications and mobile devices, once your data is an iCal you can have it virtual everywhere you need it and sync iCal with your mobile devices.

2:00 iCal Alarms: Often times organizations keep calendar event data in FileMaker. By moving data into iCal you can leverage iCal’s handy pop up alarms. In addition, once your calendar data is an iCal you have access to all layouts and print options that iCal provides, such as month view, week view and day view.

2:30 Other benefits include: access to all iCal calendars, vents and tasks; ability to fetch specific iCal records based off of specific criteria for advanced filtering; the best part is that this can all be done using FileMaker script steps, there is no XML or AppleScript programming required. There are many more options; this is just a small sampling of what is possible with the plug-in.

I encourage you to explore this website, review the videos and documentation and download a demo. Please contact via email, phone or browse our forum if you have additional questions. We hope you enjoy connecting FileMaker and iCal.