02. Preferences [2:19]

Description: This video provides an overview of the “Preferences” setup of the OrgPlanner solution.


Hi, in this video we are going to take a look at OrgPlanner. I currently have installed it on my Macintosh here. So I am going to click the folder called OrgPlanner and open the application. If you are using Windows, you would install OrgPlanner on Windows and there will be a short cut to the application after you install it. There really is no difference between the Mac and the Windows OrgPlanner itself; the OrgPlanner runs the same way. The only difference is the way you install it. So OrgPlanner comprises of Goals, Positions and Procedures. We will be taking a look at each one of those in detail.

0:44 Here’s the main menu. Over here on the left is the Exit button, click that to exit OrgPlanner. Then on the right we have the About Us button. Click that button to get more information about the company, some support options, other products that we make and so forth, and the preferences area.

1:01 Let’s take a look at Preferences in a little bit more detail. There is the ability to insert your logo right here. All you need to do is right click on this area and insert picture. Then you will be directed to a dialogue box which will allow you to specify a picture that you want to include. Pictures can be in the format of a GIF, JPG or a PNG file. The logo is then used for print outs in the procedures area of OrgPlanner. So you will see your logo there at the top left of the print out. Other buttons to note on this screen is the button to reset to factory settings. This will delete all the data in the OrgPlanner and reset the data for the sample data. So this is great if you are using it for demonstration purposes and you want to reset that sample data back, click that button. This button here on the right, clear all data will actually delete all data on the OrgPlanner and not create any sample data. You can use this button after you purchase OrgPlanner and you’re ready to enter your own data that’s specific to you. You clear all the data and you will be ready to go.

2:12 So for today’s demonstration let’s go ahead and reset to factory settings and we’ll begin.