01. Overview [3:27]

Description: This video provides an overview of the OrgPlanner solution.

*This product has been discontinued as of August 2015.*


OrgPlanner is an easy to use software package that runs on your Windows or Macintosh computer. Pictured here is the main menu. The system is comprised of three main components: Goals, Positions and Procedures. Let’s take a closer look at each of these components now.

0:24 Goals: OrgPlanner allows you to create Business, Professional and Personal goals. And you can specify goals in short term and long term time frames. Each goal includes an option to enter specific tasks needed to accomplish it and an optional due date which will calculate the days remaining until that task is due. Let’s go take a closer look at this now. Here we have a blank goal sheet. Let’s define a Business long term goal. Give it a due date and a status. Define steps for that goal also with its own date and a status.

1:14 Positions: Use OrgPlanner to track the positions and the respective job descriptions for your entire organization. Display these positions on an Org Chart organized by department. Let’s go take a look at this now. Here we see a position chart and blue are the departments and black are the positions and who they are held by. Clicking on the blank box here adds a new position to the operations department. You can assign a staff member and even fill out a job description. The option to select a staff member and highlight the multiply positions they hold makes planning easier.

1:58 Procedures: Perhaps OrgPlanner’s greatest strength is the ability to manage all your procedures with great detail and flexibility. You can manage the specific steps of a given procedure, as well as the standards of a given procedure for quality control purposes. For more flexibility, OrgPlanner allows you to attach your own support files and media to a procedure. Finally you can associate any procedure step to an existing position. Let’s go take a look at this now. Here we have a procedure explaining the vacation request process. We have some details here: Description, Department, Purpose, Primary and Backup person. We have all the steps of the procedure along with any supportive documentation for each step if you choose. You can attach this step to a position. Here are the standards by which this procedure is defined. Over here we have an additional status area, the author, some key dates, additional notes and additional support documentation.

3:05 For more information please explore this website, review the videos and documentation and download a demo. Please feel free to contact us using the following methods. Thank you for watching.