04. Items [3:37]

Description: This video provides an overview of the items area of the Core2 Invoices.

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Navigate to Items by clicking the Items button at the top of the screen. The Items area is where you will maintain all the items, products and services that are to appear on the invoice. Here you maintain the item number or ID along with the unit price, category, name, long description and etc. Also within this area is everything you need to push or pull and item from QuickBooks. Applicable only if you are using the FM Books connector which will be discussed in the later chapters.

0:37 Let’s begin by selecting an existing item. In this example we’ll select the plug-in eSign Signature Capture. As you can see we have the item number, Category, Name, Long Description, Unit Price, if the item is taxable or not, as well as a picture image. Let’s begin by creating a new item. The system will attempt to auto assign an item number to each item you add. However; this can be over written by you. Select a category for your item next; you can edit the list of categories by clicking this field. A drop down list will appear, select the edit button at the bottom of the drop down list to edit the standard list of categories. In this instance we’ll select Consulting. Type the name of our new item which will be FM Books Power Hour. The name will be the standard name of your item. This name will be used on the invoice and on reports. Use the long description to better descript in detail the item. The long description will not appear on invoices or on reports.

1:51 Next we assign a unit price; $155 in this instance, if the item is taxable or not and we can also insert a picture. At this time this is the only area where the picture appears. The best format to use is either JPG or PNG type files. Do not use TIFF or other large raw file formats. This button opens the QuickBooks Integration Matrix screen for reference on how to communicate with QuickBooks. The fields below are for when working with QuickBooks. Notice this is where you can push or pull all items between FileMaker and QuickBooks. These are only applicable when using the FM Books Connector. We can view all items in list view by navigating to the upper right hand corner and selecting List View. We can then view all items in detail view by selecting the arrow. We can perform a find; in this find we will look for all items that are plug-ins. As we can see, we have found 11 records of the total 18. We can then find all records and that will then show all 18 items. We can navigate between each item by using these arrows in the upper left corner. Going back to List View, I have a list of all of my items in my invoicing solution.

This concludes our overview for items within the Core2 Invoicing Solution.