02. Installation [2:30]

Description: This video provides an overview of the installation of Core2 Invoices.

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Thank you for your interesting the Core2 Invoicing Solution. We are going to talk about the setup, specifically the installation and an overview of what it is, how the files are constructed and so forth. If you have downloaded the Core from our site or received them via email the file will look something like this.

0:27 First you need to unzip or extract the file so you can properly access them. Otherwise you will have problems about the Core being read only and will not work properly. You can note that I am now working with the unzipped or extracted folder. Within the folder you will have some read me and licensing files. A quick start guide which is a good read and highly recommended. Please note that FileMaker is required to run the Core. We can sell you FileMaker at a discounted price including volume licensing for larger organizations. The Core files themselves will not appear if you do not have the FileMaker program. You can also visit FileMaker.com for more information about FileMaker.

1:09 Core2 Invoicing Solution comes with two files: Invoices & Prefs. If you purchase the Core2 Invoicing Solution along with our Core2 CRM Solution then you will receive these additional files: Documents, Contacts and Calendar. The file you will want to start with is Core2 Invoices. That is the main file which will get you started. If you are working in the demo then you have a limited set of records you can work with. However; the purchased version is fully unlocked and completely open. In this case I am working with the full open version and we are ready to go.

1:47 The preferences area is where you will maintain the various preferences specific to the invoices file. Navigate to the preferences by selecting Preferences Core2 Invoices from the Edit menu. We will talk about the Global tab; here you can adjust the tax rate, the default customer message used on invoices-we already have some preconfigured messages here, the email subject, and the default email message for use when emailing invoices. The FM Books Connector is explained in a later video. Simply click done and we are finished.