07. Tasks [5:03]

Description: This video provides an overview of exchanging data between FileMaker and Microsoft Entourage Tasks using the Entourage Manipulator.


In this video we are going to look at exchanging data between FileMaker and Entourage Tasks.

0:06 Let’s have a look at the basic bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker and Entourage using our FileMaker demo file. This demo file comes complete with the demo you download. At the top is FileMaker and at the bottom is Entourage Tasks. Let’s navigate to the Tasks tab. As you can see I have two tasks in Entourage. Next we will perform a clean import from Entourage bringing both of my tasks into FileMaker. For a detailed view simply select the blue arrow to the left. As you can see I have successfully pulled two records into FileMaker. An error is returned in this field. Simply because the date completed applies only to Entourage 2008. Since I’m using Entourage 2004 this error is returned for this field. For a complete list of available fields in the different Entourage versions please refer to our fields and functions guide.

1:03 Now let’s demonstrate a task. Let’s refer back to our example. Here I have a task in Entourage to buy a birthday present for Lon. In FileMaker I have the existing task except I am going to alter the body and some text. I simple select Add/Update in Entourage, update the single record and I can see in Entourage my updates have been pushed to Entourage.

1:28 You can also delete an Entourage item directly in FileMaker. Select the red Delete in Entourage button and permanently delete your item from Entourage and FileMaker. I can also and or update and Entourage item from FileMaker. As you can see I have put my Test Task 4 from FileMaker into Entourage, enabling me to take advantage of office notifications in Entourage. Here I have the option to snooze, dismiss or open the item from Entourage. Next select close or done.

2:02  Let’s have a look under the hood at our script steps in order to better assist you with your FileMaker development. Once in script maker let’s look at the scripts for tasks. Extract task records corresponds with the clean import from Entourage button. First we authenticate (which is required once per FileMaker session), then we tell the plug in to open the folder tasks. And let’s determine if there are records before proceeding. We get the record count to determine if there are tasks to pull or not. If the record count is greater than zero you can pull, if it equals zero you can ignore. Next we are going to get the first record, pull the various fields; we can pull the next record and so forth. We essentially create a loop creating a new record for every task in Entourage.

2:49 The new sample FileMaker task record corresponds with the new FileMaker record button. Let’s take a closer look. First we enter browse mode, then we specify our folder task. Afterwards we create our new record. Next we specify our fields; in this instance we set body, categories, complete, etc. For a list of available fields please see the fields and functions guide. Next we commit the record and save.

3:17 Posting a task record corresponds to the Add/Update in Entourage button. First we authenticate (which is required once per FileMaker session), and then check for the plug in, check for records in the found set. If the found count is greater than zero then we will be prompted to update this one record or all records in the found set. More specifically we can update all records or a single record depending on the found set. Next we enter our loop. We either create a new record or open an existing record. When creating a new record we are using the “IF” statement to both call the plug in function at the same time analyzing that the plug in returns a zero or not for success or failure. Call new record or open record. Populate the Entourage record with data from fields in FileMaker. For a list of available fields please see the fields and functions guide. Find the new record in Entourage and get the modified time stamp, end, exit the loop and commit the record.

4:18 Deleting the individual task records script corresponds with the Delete in Entourage button. Let’s take a closer look. First we check for the Entourage ID. If the Entourage ID is empty, then we will be shown this dialogue. As we can not delete a record without and Entourage ID. Next we check the plug in, authenticate (which is required once per FileMaker session), then delete the individual contact from Entourage. We have a custom dialogue alerting the using if they would like to permanently delete the record in Entourage. Deleting a record in Entourage from FileMaker is that simple.

Now imagine being able to push hundreds of records from FileMaker to Entourage and vise versa. This is now possible with the Entourage Manipulator.