05. Calendar [4:49]

Description: This video provides an overview of exchanging data between FileMaker and Microsoft Entourage Calendar using the Entourage Manipulator.


In this video we are going to look at exchanging data between FileMaker and Entourage Calendar. Let’s have a look at the basic bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker and Exchange using our FileMaker demo file. The FileMaker demo file comes complete with the demo you download.

0:17 At the bottom I have my Entourage Calendar. Note I have a single calendar event in Entourage for July 8th at 9:00am. Let’s navigate to the calendar tab in our demo file and perform a clean import from Entourage. To get the specific details of the event, select the blue arrow. Note the Entourage ID and GUID number to the right. Now let’s assume that our location has changed to our Chicago office and we need to update our records accordingly. I will simply change my location in FileMaker to Chicago, and note below in Entourage the location is still San Diego. Until I select Add/Update in Entourage. Since I will only be updating one record, I simple select single. And note below in Entourage the location has been successfully updated to Chicago.

1:08 You can delete in Entourage. Selecting this button will permanently delete this record in Entourage. Look below to see that the calendar event has been successfully deleted in Entourage. I can also create a new FileMaker record. Let’s call this test event two. Note the Entourage ID and GUID modify fields are blank. Select Add/Update in Entourage. But before I do that, I’ll switch to month view, and you can see that there is nothing in my Entourage calendar for July 6th. I add and update the event in Entourage, and my test event has been successfully pushed to Entourage. We have included multiple fields in our demo file. However; for the complete list of available fields please refer to the fields and functions guide. Next select close or done.

1:58 Imagine being able to push hundreds of records from FileMaker to Entourage and vise versa. This is now possible with the Entourage Manipulator. Let’s have a look under the hood at our script steps in order to better assist you with your FileMaker development. The Extract Calendar records script corresponds with the clean import from Entourage button. Taking a closer look, I will first check the plug in, then show all records, delete all records, authenticate (this is required once per FileMaker session), call the open folder command and point it to calendar, then I will determine if there are records in the open folder before proceeding. I can now begin importing records from Entourage. Call the GetFirstRecord command and now I can begin importing my records. Creating a new record in FileMaker, you will need to specify the exact Entourage field name and it is case sensitive. So please refer to the fields and functions guide for a list of available fields. Next, I call GetNextRecord, end the loop and close the window.

3:01 A new record in FileMaker is created with this button. The corresponding script “New Sample FileMaker Calendar Record” creates a new FileMaker record. Posting a calendar record corresponds to the Add/Update in Entourage button. First we authenticate, which is required once per FileMaker session, check the plug in, check for the records in the found set. If the found count is greater than zero, then we are asked to update this one record or all the records in the found set. Then we enter our loop. We either create a new record or open an existing record. We call CreateNewRecord or open record, populate the Entourage record with data from FileMaker fields. We have tired to include as many fields as possible. However; for a complete list of available fields please see the fields and functions guide. Next we find the new record in Entourage, get the modified time stamps, including the Entourage ID, modified time stamp, GUID. End the loop, End and commit the record.

4:07 Deleting a record in Entourage and FileMaker can be done by selecting the Delete in Entourage button and using these simple script steps. First I check for the Entourage ID, as I can not delete a record without an Entourage ID. Next I check the plug in, authenticate and delete the individual contact from Entourage. This requires the Entourage ID to be set as the parameter. A dialogue appears for the user to confirm that they want to permanently delete this record in Entourage. The record is deleted and it is that simple.

4:40 Imagine having the power to push or pull hundreds of calendar records in mere seconds between FileMaker and Entourage. The possibilities are endless.