04. Address Book [6:11]

Description: This video provides an overview of exchanging data between FileMaker and Microsoft Entourage Contacts using the Entourage Manipulator.


In this video we are going to look at exchanging data between FileMaker and Entourage Address Book.

0:06 At the top is our FileMaker demo file and to the bottom is Entourage. We will begin by navigating to the Address Book tab. As you can see I have three existing contacts in Entourage. First we will perform a clean import from Entourage bringing in our three contacts to FileMaker. For specific details on a contact, select the blue arrow. I’m now viewing my contact in FileMaker in detail view. Here I can see I have 1 of 3 records, I’ll navigate to the third record. Mr. Joe Dart. Here you can see the Entourage ID, and GUID number to the right. Let’s assume Joe Dart was promoted to Sales Manager and we need to update his job title. I will now change his title to Sales Manager in FileMaker. Note that to the bottom in Entourage Joe’s title is Sales Rep. By pushing the Add/Update button in Entourage, I am prompted if I would like to add/update this record or all three records in the found set. I will choose the single record. In Entourage Joe’s title has now been updated to Sales Manager.

1:19 I can also delete in Entourage from FileMaker. Simply select delete, hit ok, and you have now deleted your record in Entourage. Likewise, I can also create a new FileMaker record. Let’s add Joe back in from FileMaker and we will push him to Entourage. I already have some pre-existing data in the fields. The Entourage ID and GUID number are blank. When I select add/update in Entourage, select single, now note that the Entourage and GUID number have been assigned and Joe’s contact has been successfully pushed to Entourage.

2:01 There are various fields available. We’ve tried to include as many as possible in our demo file. However; for all fields available using our Entourage Manipulator plug in please refer to the fields and function guide included in the demo download. Next select close or done.

2:19 Now imagine being able to push hundreds of records from FileMaker to Entourage in mere seconds, and vise versa. This is now possible with the Entourage Manipulator. Let’s have a look under the hood at our script steps in order to better assist you in your FileMaker Development.

2:36 Extract Address Book records; corresponds to the clean import from Entourage button. First we check the plug in. Go to the correct address book layout, show all records, and delete all records as we are performing a clean import to Entourage. Authenticate, which is required once per FileMaker session. Open the folder, which points to the specified folder, in this instance our folder is Address Book. Determine if there are records in the open folder before proceeding, we get the record count. If there are no records then this dialogue will appear. Then we start importing records from Entourage.

3:10 First we call the “GetFirstRecord” command. Then we have the fields in our new record which are set. As you can see we have tried to include every field possible in our demo file in order to better assist you with you development. Next you call “GetNextRecord” then we end the loop and close the window. Our new sample FileMaker Address Book record script corresponds with the new FileMaker record button. Here we are simply creating a new FileMaker record. Setting all of our fields, and then committing the record.

3:37 When posting an Address Book record to Entourage, you simply select Add/Update in Entourage, and let’s have a look at that script. First we authenticate, which again is required once per FileMaker session, then we perform our plug in checker script. We check for the number of records in the found set. If there are no records, this dialogue will appear. If the found set is greater than zero then we will ask to update this one record or all records in the found set. We update all or single. Then we create a new record or open the existing record to be modified. This is specified with the Entourage ID as the parameter. Note that if it’s a new record, we are using the “IF” statement to both call the plug in function at the same time analyzing that the plug in returns a zero or not for success or failure. We’ve set custom dialogue to show as warning by calling the “GetLastErrorText” function. In addition to script debugger this can be quite useful when trouble shooting your scripts.

4:42 Next we are going to populate the Entourage record with data from fields in FileMaker. We set our field data and specify the specific field. Next we save the record. Next we find the new record in Entourage and get the modified time stamp. We open the folder, open the record, get the field data for the modify as well as the GUID, end the loop, commit the record and we are done.

5:12 Delete individual contact records script corresponds to the Delete in Entourage button. By using a few simple script steps you can delete your contact record in FileMaker as well as Entourage. First we check for the Entourage ID, as you can not delete a record in Entourage without an Entourage ID. Then we check the plug in, authenticate once per FileMaker session, and delete the individual contact from Entourage. The Entourage ID is required as the parameter. In our FileMaker file a custom dialogue appears asking the user if they want to permanently delete this record in Entourage.

5:54 It is that simple to delete, update, or add a record in Entourage from FileMaker. Imagine updating or deleting hundreds or thousands or records. This can be quite time consuming and beneficial for your company. And the possibilities are endless.