01. Overview [5:38]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Exchange Manipulator.


0:00 Introducing the Outlook and Exchange Manipulator plug-ins for FileMaker. These plug-ins allow you to connect FileMaker with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.


So why use Outlook? Outlook comes bundled with Microsoft Office and is a primary e-mail program used by Windows users. Outlook is a feature-rich e-mail application as well as a place to store contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. Outlook directly connects with mobile technologies such as the; iPhone, Blackberry, Pocket PC, and more.


0:47 Why use an Exchange Server? Well, Microsoft Exchange is a primary email application used in business environments. The enhanced security allows companies to feel confident that their e-mail system is protected at all times. Integrated antivirus, anit spam and anti fishing technologies stop the latest threats before your business is impacted. Administrator tools greatly increase and optimizes productivity. The script automations, monitoring capabilities, diagnostic and trouble shooting tools are just a few of the many tools available to your administrator. User features also allow users access to their exchange data from anywhere in the world. Imagine your users being able to access their email, voicemail, calendars, contacts and tasks from their desktop, laptop, browser window and mobile devices regardless of their location. Since exchange data can be accessed from various mail clients, including Outlook or Entourage, users can be on either platform – Mac or Windows. There are many benefits of using Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, and these are just a few.


1:57 Now that you are using Microsoft Exchange and Outlook in your business, we can start integrating our plug-ins to connect FileMaker. Our plug-ins comes complete with a library of functions that allow the developer to exchange data between FileMaker and these areas of Exchange or Outlook: contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, mail, journal, post and report items.


2:22 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of using the Outlook or Exchange Manipulator.


Eliminate double entry.  Organizations that use FileMaker traditionally store their contacts within a FileMaker database. The same organizations may use Outlook to generate all their e-mail. The problem is that Outlook also stores a set of contacts independent of FileMaker. You can use the plug-in to update your Outlook contacts and eliminate double entry keeping everyone’s Outlook contacts up to date and accurate.


2:54 Update mobile devices: You can use our plug-ins to push data from FileMaker to Outlook. Outlook already has great integration with third-party applications and mobile devices. So once your data is in Outlook you can have it virtually everywhere you need it.


3:13 Centralized e-mail history:Traditionally what happens in an organization is that individuals send and receive e-mail from their individual Outlook accounts independent from one another and the organization. Our plug-ins can fix this problem by importing e-mails directly from an individual’s Outlook profile into FileMaker, thereby centralizing all e-mails in a single FileMaker table. Now that all the e-mails are in FileMaker, you can organize the e-mail by client, matching the related e-mail addresses.


3:45 Outlook reminders. Often times organizations keep calendar event data in FileMaker. By moving FileMaker calendar data into Outlook, you can now leverage Outlook’s handy pop up reminders.



3:57 Outlook day, week, and month views: Once your calendar data is in Outlook, you have access to all the layouts and print options Outlook provides such as day view, week view, and month view.


4:11 Other benefits include:  Sending e-mail without Outlook security dialogs. Sending HTML and rich text formatted e-mails. Sending multiple attachments complete with a dynamic name. You can also access shared folders and public folders. And the plug-in also supports the “Send On Behalf Of” option.


4:35 Using our Exchange Manipulator you also have access to the these additional features: Ability to set the “from” e-mail address field, access all mailboxes in the exchange environment — unlike the Outlook manipulator which only accesses the users default mailbox, and the ability to automate data exchange from a single machine for all exchange users.


4:59 This is just a small sampling of what is possible with the plug-in. You can add, edit, and delete Outlook and exchange records using just FileMaker script steps.


5:10 I encourage you to explore this website, review the videos and documentation, and download a demo.


Please contact us via e-mail, phone or browse our forum if you have any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Outlook and Exchange Manipulator plug-ins — connecting FileMaker and Microsoft Outlook.