02. New Order Process

Description: This video provides takes you step by step through the process of a new order from start to finish


0:05 Hi. In this video we’re going to take a look at VSS central file. The central file is where we store all the orders that you’ve ever received or created.

0:14 It’s also a place where we assign a captain and dispatch an order to the field and then finally where we receive information from that captain. So this is a key file that will most likely be used by people internal – the admin staff or the people who normally dispatch your orders.

0:32 It could also be used by a captain, if you so choose. If you have your captains also creating orders or pulling orders from BoatUS and handling them that way – and pulling orders from BoatUS.

0:49 So let’s just suppose that BoatUS has sent us an email request. We will receive that on a special email address that we set up during the process.

1:00 You can receive it on the same email that you have always received it on, but we’ll set up an additional recipient of that, and it will go right to your system.

1:07 When that happens you will click this button to pull email. See the status down here—and just in a second or two that email pulls in, and you can see here that we have just received an order from BoatUS.

1:20 It has done all of this without us having to type it. And you can see the information, such as the towing company—that’s you the tow company. Then the disabled boat information. The name of the boat. The number of feet and so forth.

1:34 You can put in the weather and sea conditions. We have the contact information here. You can feel free to fill the rest of that out as needed.

1:45 The status at the top right shows the various dates that things happen within the system, and most of these are, in fact, automatic as it progressed through the process.

1:56 So when a new order is created, the status is pending.

2:00 Alright, then here you have the service information, so we can specify the service type and the service dates and report date come right from BoatUS – people on board too, in this case.

2:17 And then we have some more of the information, along with lat. and long.  Here we can click this button, and it will actually bring up a map of the coordinates of that. You can see here this as it relates to the shore line.

2:30  Then you have the time that it was contacted and the ETA and so forth.  Now, at this point, I just need to assign a captain.

2:39 I will go ahead and assign Marc Larochelle as the captain for this order. I also have the ability to directly text the captain right from here. So all I would need to do is put the mobile information of that captain’s phone number into the preferences of the system, and I can text the captain.

2:56 Upon doing this, it will show you that the text was sent.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at that text as I would see it from the captain’s point of view.

3:04 Here you can see I just received a text notification that central dispatch has produced an order for me as the captain.

3:17 Here we are looking at the job orders for Marc Larochelle as the captain on a file that is located on the iPad. So I will go ahead and click retrieve jobs and that will pull the jobs directly from the central file.

3:28 And now these jobs are local on the iPad itself. So at this point I can actually go out to sea and do the data entry for those jobs, even without an internet connection -then come back and submit them.

3:45 So let’s go ahead and take a look at the job that we were just looking at. You can see the details here. And then I can start filing in the description of services.

3:55 So in this case let me go ahead and put some fuel delivery with a quantity of five. You can see that totals up there.

4:05 Then for the customer or the BoatUS member when it is time to get them to sign you can have them click on the signature here.

4:23 And now their signature is in the system. You can add any additional comments.  And then I can also email them a receipt.

4:35 And then if I click back on the main menu, I can complete that job, and you will see here that it turns red that it is completed.

4:43 And now what appears is a submit button at the right. So if I go ahead and submit that, it transfers it back to the central file and that completes that order.

5:00 Now you can see that the order in the central file has the signature, along with the date, the description of services, and the status has changed to received and signed. That was automatic when the captain submitted it.