01. Overview

Description: This video provides an overview of Vessel Service Solutions (V.S.S.), boat assistance dispatch and management software.


0:00 Vessel Service Solutions, or VSS, operates as a virtual command center to manage vessel assistance orders.

0:10 This software allows a user to save crucial time using the latest technologies to dispatch, track, and manage both distress calls.

0:19 VSS is a paperless and efficient way to handle order fulfillment.

0:25 When a boater sends a distress call, dispatch can assign and send the order to a captain within seconds of receiving it.

0:31 The captain receives the order on his iPad, and, once it’s completed, he can send the order back to dispatch for payment and processing.

0:40 VSS uses a digital approach to order fulfillment ensuring your processes are more organized and accurate improving turnaround time and getting you paid faster.

0:50 Let’s take a look at how the process works. Dispatch can import a Tow BoatUS order email with the click of a button and the form will automatically populate with the order information.

1:01 The dispatcher can then assign a boat and a captain. VSS even offers an option to alert the captain of new orders via text.

1:12 Once the captain has received the order, a quick link can be used to view boat coordinates, enabling easier navigation.

1:17 Using the FileMaker Go app on the iPad, captains can easily generate service items, signatures, and notes while at sea — even without an internet connection.

1:30 This gives the captain the ability to update the order immediately to ensure accurate billing. Captains can then email completed orders to customers and submit signed orders to dispatch for processing.

1:42 Once the completed order has been received by dispatch it can be sent to directly to BoatUS by pushing the email icon.

If you’re using QuickBooks for your accounting, you can quickly and easily push invoices from VSS to QuickBooks with the click of a button, saving you time, eliminating double entry, and ensuring accuracy of your invoices.

2:03 With VSS order fulfillment has never been easier both in the office and at sea. Now let’s take a look at some of the other features.

2:11 Maintain a fuel log per boat with all the necessary information you would expect, such as engine hours, fueling captain, cost per gallon, and more.

2:21 Track oil changes, tune ups, and other required services with the maintenance log.

2:26 Keep a maintenance schedule for each boat in your fleet to help you plan and ensure the completion of required maintenance.

2:33 The Time Sheets module provides you one location to track labor hours for your workforce. Use it for payroll and link timer entries to specific orders.

2:43 The reports module provides you with the details you need right at your fingertip. Generate reports on orders, including an overview report, by service, or by personnel.

2:53 Use reports to view fuel usage by date or by boat and to analyze both revenue and expense.

3:01 Time Sheets allows you to view reports by date, for all personnel, or for an individual.

3:07 We understand the no two businesses are the same, so we’ve made VSS customizable with the following features.

3:14 When you’ve decided that you want to take your dispatch system to the next level by going paperless, mobile, introducing efficiency, and ensuring accuracy, VSS is the solution for you.

3:26 Please contact us via email at sales@productivecomputing.com or visit our websites: www.vesselservice solutions.com and www.productivecomputing.com. Thank you for watching.