02. Registration and Installation [2:57]

Description: This video explains how to install and register the plug-in and demo.


0:00 Hi. In this video we’re gonna take a look at installing and registering the Outlook Manipulator plug-in. We assume that you’ve already downloaded the package from our website.

0:16 It should be in the form of the zip file, you can simply drag out the folder from the zip file onto your desktop. Open up the folder, you’ll see three folders within.

0:21 Where you want to start is on the demo file. Go ahead and open up the Beginner Demo.

0:28 Now, we embed the plug-in directly in the demo — within a container field– so when I click Install, it will take that and install it in the appropriate place so that FileMaker recognizes it.

0:38 Notice the splash screen here, which will disappear after you purchase the plug-in.

0:42 So this only appears during demo mode. We can verify that the plug-in is installed by clicking here under Preferences and click plug-ins, and you’ll see that it is installed properly. Also here you can verify Outlook Manipulator, 64-bit.

0:57 We run a command that displays that field.

1:02 Alright, so we’ve installed the plug-in and next thing is the license ID. We include a demo-OMS ID which is our generic demo license ID.

1:07 So when I click register it talks to our servers and understands that now we’re registered in demo mode and result is 0, which is success.

1:18 When you purchase the plug-in, you’ll be taking this code out and putting your own code in that you receive from our shopping cart and click register and then you’ll have a valid registration. At that point the splash screen will disappear and all the timeouts will also be disabled.

1:30 When I say timeouts, I mean when you’re in demo mode it works for 30 days and it works continuously for two hours. After two hours, you have to quit FileMaker and get back in.

1:40 Alright, so next, we’ve installed it and we’ve registered it. The only thing that I want to talk about is the 64-bit versus 32- bit.

1:50 As you recall in our folder before, we had two folders, we include the plug-in in this folder just in case you want to manually install it — for those who need to do that.

2:00 And then you’ll also notice that we include a link to a C++ Redistributable package.

2:05 What that means is that these are the libraries that the plug-in requires. Nine times out of ten these libraries are already part of your operating system, on behalf of whatever patches you’ve done or whatever programs you’ve installed.

2:20 So you won’t need those, but in the event that you were to load the plug-in, and it gives you an error about loading the plug-in, it could be because this library is not included.

2:28 So you can use this link to install that library, potentially restart your computer, and then attempt to reinstall the plug-in, and it should work fine.

2:36 So that concludes our installation and registration of the Outlook Manipulator plug-in.

2:42 To learn more, contact us at sales@productivecomputing.com or visit our web site WWW.productivecomputing.com. Thank you for watching!