01. Overview [3:22]

Description: This video reviews the key features and benefits of using the Outlook Manipulator plug-in to push and pull data between your FileMaker database and Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.


0:00 Introducing the Outlook Manipulator plug- in. This plug-in connects your FileMaker database with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, allowing for a bi-directional data exchange between these programs.

0:19 Our Outlook Manipulator plug-in comes complete with a library of functions that allow the developer to exchange information in these areas of Outlook: Contacts, Mail, Tasks, Notes, Posts and Reports, and Calendar.

0:37 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of using the Outlook Manipulator plug-in. Effectively eliminate double entry and save time.

0:41 Organizations that use the FileMaker traditionally store their contacts within their FileMaker database. Most of these organizations use Outlook to generate all their emails. The problem with this is that Outlook creates its own set of contacts for each individual’s email account, independent of FileMaker.

1:00 To resolve this an organization can use Outlook Manipulator to update their contacts in FileMaker, thereby
eliminating double entry and keeping everyone up to date.

1:09 Achieve effortless mobility party. Outlook already has great third-party integration so once you’ve pushed to FileMaker information into Outlook you can then utilize its ability to sync your native Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks to access your FileMaker data on your iPhone or Android, laptop, and tablet or iPad.

1:30 Essentially, once your information is in Outlook, you can have it virtually everywhere you need it.

1:37 Centralized email. What traditionally happens in an organization is that individual’s send and receive email from their individual accounts, separate from one another and the organization.

1:48 Outlook Manipulator can fix this problem. By importing each user’s emails into FileMaker you can centralize all e-mail correspondence in a single FileMaker table.

2:00 Now that all emails are in FileMaker, you can organize them by client, matching relating email addresses. Resulting in a complete archive of all e-mail correspondence in FileMaker and allowing the entire company to view the email history between any customer and employee.

2:18 Pop-up reminders. Once you’ve pushed your FileMaker events and tasks to Outlook, you can utilize Outlook’s pop-up reminders to prompt about upcoming events and tasks.

2:27 Some additional benefits of the Outlook Manipulator plugin include:

2:31 Suppressing the outlook security dialog box, the ability to send HTML and rich text emails,

2:37 the ability to send multiple attachments with dynamic names, compatibility with shared and public folders, the ability to send “on behalf of” the “from” email address,

2:49 access to all mailboxes in Exchange environment, and the ability to automate the data exchange; eliminating the need to install the plugin on every workstation.

2:58 This is just a small sample of what is possible using this plug-in. You can add, edit, and delete records using simple FileMaker script steps.

3:08 Please contact us via email or visit our website if you have any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

3:12 Outlook Manipulator, connecting FileMaker to Microsoft Outlook.