01. Overview [2:49]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Outlook SendMail Plug-in.


Introducing the Outlook SendMail plug in for FileMaker. This plug in allows you to send emails from FileMaker through Outlook in a single script step.

0:17 So why use an email client? With FileMakers new ability to send email via SMTP you might be wondering why you would still use and email client program such as Outlook. Well first, email clients have the ability to handle bounced emails and errors. This gives you the assurance that your email has been successfully sent and can assist in determining if email addresses are invalid. Next, SMTP is not always allowed in all business environments. And third your email client program contains a complete record of all sent emails.

0:53 So why use Outlook as your email client? Outlook comes bundled with Microsoft Office and is a primary email program used by Windows users. Outlook is a feature rich email program as well as a place to store and manage your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. Outlook also directly connects with sync services and mobile technologies such as the iphone, Blackberry and more.

1:20 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of using the Outlook SendMail plug in. You can send HTML or plain text formatted emails from FileMaker through Outlook. And send emails with multiply attachments complete with a dynamic name. These are features not currently available with FileMakers traditional sendmail command. Using the SendMail plug in, you can suppress the Outlook security dialogue whether you send a single email or a mass mail campaign. Our plug in will suppress the Outlook security dialogue.

1:58 Imagine never seeing this Outlook security again when you send email out of FileMaker using our plug in. I encourage you to explore this website, review the videos and documentation and download a demo. In addition we offer an array of Outlook plug ins to meet all your needs. The Outlook SendMail plug in, Outlook Manipulator and Exchange Manipulator. Please contact us via email or phone. Or browse our forum if you have any additional questions. We hope you enjoy connecting FileMaker and Outlook using nothing more than simple script steps. Outlook SendMail plug in, connecting FileMaker and Microsoft Outlook.