01. Overview [4:36]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Entourage Manipulator.


Introducing the Entourage Manipulator plug-in for FileMaker. This plug-in allows you to connect FileMaker with Microsoft Entourage using nothing more than simple FileMaker script steps.


So why entourage? Entourage comes bundled with Microsoft Office and is a primary e-mail application used in business environments with Microsoft Exchange. Entourage is a full feature-rich e-mail application as well as a place to store and manage contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. Entourage also directly connects with sync services and mobile technologies such as iPhone, Blackberry and more.


0:51 Our plug-in comes complete with a library of functions that allow the developer to exchange data between FileMaker and these areas of Entourage. We have contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and mail.


1.05 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of using the Entourage Manipulator plug in. First, we can eliminate double entry. An organization traditionally stores their contacts within a FileMaker database. This same organization has users who also store a set of contacts in Entourage allowing them to keep a local copy of all contacts in Entourage to generate their e-mails, sync with their mobile devices, etc. You can use the plug-in to eliminate double entry and update your user’s Entourage contacts thus keeping everyone’s Entourage contacts up to date and accurate.


1:48 Update mobile devices. Data from FileMaker can be pushed to Entourage allowing you to update your mobile devices with your latest FileMaker data. Entourage already has great integration with third-party applications and mobile devices. In other words, once your FileMaker data is in Entourage, you can have it virtually anywhere you need it.


2:15 Centralized e-mail history. What traditionally happens in an organization is that individuals send and receive e-mail from their individual Entourage accounts independent from one another in the organization. This means that e-mail history for each client is not centralized. Entourage Manipulator can fix this problem by importing e-mails directly from individuals Entourage application into FileMaker thereby centralizing all e-mail into a single FileMaker table. Now that all the e-mail is in FileMaker, you can organize the e-mail by client matching related e-mail addresses.


2:56 Entourage reminders. Often times organizations keep calendar events and tasks in FileMaker. Using the Entourage Manipulator, you can move all FileMaker data into Entourage to take advantage of Entourage’s pop up reminders for upcoming appointments or tasks.


3;17 Entourage day, week and month views. Entourage also has built in day, week and month views. Once your FileMaker calendar data is in Entourage, you can leverage all these entourage views as well as print options. For example, here we see various Entourage day, week and month views.


3:35 Other benefits to using the Entourage Manipulator are that you can send HTML and rich text formatted e-mails and send e-mails with multiple attachments complete with a dynamic name. These are features not currently available with FileMaker’s traditional “SendMail” command. Plus, using entourage as your mail client allows you to handle bounced e-mails and proper filtering. There are many more options and this is just a small sampling of what is possible with the plug-in. I encourage you to explore this website, review the videos and documentation and download a demo.


4:15 Please contact us via e-mail, phone or browse our forum if you have any additional questions. We hope you enjoy connecting FileMaker and Entourage using nothing more than simple FileMaker script steps. Entourage Manipulator Plug-in – connecting FileMaker and Microsoft Entourage.