01. Overview [2:43]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Address Book Manipulator.

Introducing the Address Book Manipulator plug-in for FileMaker. This plug-in allows you to connect FileMaker with Apple address book using nothing more than FileMaker script steps.

0:16 So why use Apple Address Book?

  • First, it comes bundled with the Mac OS and allows you to access contact info from Mac Mail, iChat and other applications.
  • Address Book directly connects with MobileMe and Exchange
  • and can sync with mobile technologies

0:36 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits when using the Address Book Manipulator plug-in. First, we can eliminate double entry. An organization traditionally stores their contacts within a FileMaker Pro database. This same organization has users who also store a set of contacts in Apple Address Book allowing them to keep a local copy of contacts in Address Book for their off-site use, or to sync with their mobile devices. You can use the plug-in to eliminate double entry and update your users’ Apple Address Book, keeping everyone’s Address Book contacts up to date and accurate.

1:15 Next, you can update your mobile devices. Data from FileMaker can be pushed to Address Book allowing you to update your mobile devices with your latest FileMaker data. Since Address Book already has great syncing integration, once your FileMaker data is in Address Book you can sync with your mobile devices and have your FileMaker contacts virtually everywhere you need it.

1:40 Other benefits include:

  • Pulling contacts from Address Book into FileMaker.
  • Access to add, edit, or delete Address Book groups.
  • Search Address Book records based off of a specific criteria for advanced filtering.
  • And the best part is this can all be done using FileMaker script steps, so there’s no XML or AppleScript programming required.
  • There are many more options and this is just a small sampling of what is possible with the plug-in.

2:10 I encourage you to explore http://www.AddressBookManipulator.com, review the videos and documentation, or download the demo. Please also contact us via e-mail or phone, or browse our forum if you have any additional questions. We hope you enjoy connecting FileMaker to Apple Address Book. Address Book Manipulator plug-in – Connecting FileMaker and Apple Address Book.

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