03. Capture Signature & Other Options [3:01]

Description: This video provides an overview of the “Capture Signature” and “Other Options” tabs using the eSign Signature Capture.

Let’s take a closer look at eSign Signature Capture operations. In this video we’ll review Capturing Signatures, as well as Other Options. So I’ve opened the demo file, and I’ve already registered the plug-in in “LIVE” mode.

0:25 Next let’s navigate to the “Capture Signature” tab. This tab allows you to sign and bind a signature to text. This Binding Data box is a document text field. The contents of this field will be bound to your signature. Let’s go ahead and capture a signature with this button. Here we can see it is now signed. If you were to tamper with any of bound data in this field, then the signature would disappear and it would update to “unsigned.” I’ll go ahead and edit this, and commit the record. Notice that the signature is no longer bound. To restore the signature, simply replace this field with its original data. Now the signature has been restored.

1:39 Next let’s navigate to the “Other Options” tab. Here you can adjust the pen width of the signature. Below you may render the signature from the text and data. Lastly, you have the option to save the signature as an image. Specify the path here. Ensure you add a supported file extension. I’ll save it as a .bmp file. Then select “Save Signature.” A result of 0 means success. Here is the signature image that was just saved.

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