01. Overview [3:02]

**This product has been discontinued as of March 31, 2016.**

Description: This video provides an overview of the DocKeep Scanning Solution.

DocKeep from Productive Computing is powered by technology from Acordex®.

Presenting DocKeep, a fast and easy-to-use desktop scanning solution for Mac. Let’s meet production manager, Jay. He works hard to keep his company on schedule and operative, but digging through archives, stacks of paperwork, and scattered documents can be disorderly and time-consuming. Jay needs a solution that will help improve workflow without investing too much time and money.

0:33 The solution is DocKeep! This software allows Jay to quickly transform stacks of paper into safely stored images on his Mac. With DocKeep Jay is able to retrieve any document on demand. By doing away with paper files, Jay’s able to eliminate wasted time searching through them. DocKeep, combined with Mac and Fujitsu scanners, represents an ideal imaging solution. This advanced technology is designed to make your system responsive and effortless to use.

1:09 Scanning with DocKeep is quick and designed for high production environments. DocKeep allows you to append or insert pages, rotate a page, or delete a page. When reviewing the document scans you can instantly jump to any page, zoom in and out, or pan with a hand cursor or scroll bar. In conjunction with FileMaker, closing DocKeep will save the completed scan to a container field in your solution.

1:50 There are four versions of DocKeep available with varying functionality and scanner support for each.

  • DocKeep features high productivity document scanning on Mac.
  • Fujitsu scanners include an Automatic Document Feeder, which allows rapid scanning.
  • It supports mixed page sizes, black & white, color, and double-sided documents.
  • Review, edit, insert, or delete pages before saving.
  • DocKeep Pro can easily be integrated into your own database.

2:28 DocKeep from Productive Computing is powered by technology from Acordex®. This is just an overview of the features and possibilities of DocKeep. For more information please visit http://www.DocKeep.com, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo. If you need additional assistance please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and automating your business to operate more efficiently.

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