22. iCal Integration [5:37]

Description: This video provides an overview of Apple® iCal/Calendar integration in the Core4 CRM using the iCal Manipulator.

Let’s take a closer look at iCal Integration in the Core4. iCal integration requires the iCal Manipulator plug-in. Let’s discuss some of the out-of-box features.

  • Integration includes a uni-directional data exchange with Apple’s iCal or Calendar.
  • Each user’s events and tasks from the Core4 will be pushed into iCal.
  • Events and tasks are pushed into a specific calendar in iCal.
  • Recurrences and pulling are not currently supported. However, these can be added in as a customization if needed.

0:56 In order to integrate with Apple’s iCal or Calendar you will first need to purchase, install, and register the iCal Manipulator plug-in which is sold separately. Let’s begin by installing the plug-in. Navigate to the plug-in bundle downloaded from our website. Locate the actual plug-in and copy. You want to navigate to the FileMaker Extensions folder to install it. On a Mac, the folder is located in Library > Application Support > FileMaker > Extensions. Paste the plug-in right into this folder. Now we have installed the plug-in. Next let’s open the Core4.

1:56 Now that we’ve downloaded and installed the plug-in the next step is to register it. Navigate to Core > Preferences > Global Settings > Plug-ins tab. Here on the Register Plug-ins tab I can see that the iCal Manipulator is installed. After you purchase the plug-in you’ll receive a License ID from Productive Computing. Enter your License ID here. Then select the “Register” button. You only need to register once per user per machine. Now the plug-in is running in LIVE mode indicated here. Now we have successfully installed and registered the iCal Manipulator plug-in.

2:52 Let’s navigate to User Settings. I’m currently logged in as the admin, John Smith. The Calendar / Tasks tab is where you’ll specify the calendar title for iCal. I’m going to keep the calendar name “Core4.” When you push events a new calendar in iCal will be created with this title. The Default Calendar is set to John Smith, and the Default Tasks are for John as well. All the events and tasks for the logged in Core User are going to be pushed to this “Core4” calendar in iCal.

3:36 Here in iCal, I currently don’t have a “Core4” calendar setup. In the Core, navigate to the Calendar tab. Then select Core > Push Calendar to iCal. All events and tasks for the Core4 Calendar in iCal are going to be removed and replaced with events and tasks from the Core4.

4:22 In iCal, here’s the Core4 calendar that was just created. All events and tasks from John’s Core4 calendar have been populated here. Remember that this is just a ONE-way push from the Core to iCal. On subsequent pushes this entire Core4 calendar in iCal will be deleted and then re-populated. All adds, edits, and deletions should be managed in the Core4.

4:55 This is just a brief overview of the many features and possibilities of the Core4. For more information on what the Core can do for you please visit http://www.Core4CRM.com, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo.

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