01. Overview

Description: This video provides an overview of Productive Computing’s Registration Manager (Registration 2.0).

Let’s take a look at Productive Computing’s Registration Manager. Registration 2.0 features an online License Manager. This allows users to self-manage all plug-in licenses. With Registration 2.0 users can now free up licenses when old machines are no longer employed, and review plug-in purchases and the number of user seats available for each. Some common reasons users deactivate plug-in licenses are if a computer was upgraded, or if a license needs to be moved from 1 machine to another.

0:51 After you purchase a plug-in you’ll receive an e-mailed receipt for the order. Click on this link to open the License Manager. Then login to your Productive Computing account. The login credentials used when you originally placed the order will be used for the License Manager. Please note that the same login should be used on new orders in the future so that your order history can be maintained under one account. This way you’ll be able to manage all product licenses on a single screen.

1:31 Records outlined in red represent new purchases. Here we have the Product Name, Date Purchased, your License ID, as well as Seats Purchased and open Seats Remaining.

1:50 Simply select a product record to expand its details. We can see the Machine Name the plug-in was licensed to, whether it’s Active, the Created and Modified Dates, and an option to “Unregister.”

2:07 Selecting this button will permanently prevent that machine from using the license code in the future. I’ll select “OK,” and now this License ID may be re-used to register another machine. PCI’s License Manager System is really that simple! You can always navigate back by going to http://www.productivecomputing.com. Hover over “Support” and then select “Manage Your Registration.”

2:41 Thank you for your business. If you have any further questions or if you would like to consolidate one or more accounts under a single login, then please contact us via email or phone.

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