01. Overview [2:55]

**This product has been discontinued as of May 10, 2016.**

Description: This video provides an overview of Music Director Pro, a framework solution for music program management.

Introducing Music Director Pro, a solution framework for management of bands and music programs in FileMaker Pro. Let’s meet music director, Tobey. He persistently tries to keep his music program organized and on schedule. Using appointment books, spreadsheets, digging through archives and hand-written documents to keep his program orderly can be time-consuming and frustrating. How can his organization improve workflow without having to invest too much time and money? The answer is Music Director Pro.

0:55 This paperless software allows Tobey to track and manage all the components of his music program in FileMaker Pro. Music Director Pro comes fully equipped featuring People, Events, Ensembles, Inventory, a Music Library, Uniforms, Lockers, Reports, and Photos. All information is organized in one central database allowing easy management and complete visibility.

1:29 Music Director Pro is a framework, so it can be used as starting point for a new system, or incorporated into an existing FileMaker system. Every feature can be customized and expanded to fit your specific needs.

1:47 Imagine being able to centralize and streamline your data and workflow into a more productive one allowing you to work more efficiently.

  • Music Director Pro is built using FileMaker Pro, the world’s #1 workgroup database software
  • Is cross platform and able to run on both Mac or Windows
  • Is multi-user capable so students or staff can all access it at the same time
  • Features a public schedule of events that can easily be added to your main website
  • and much more!

2:24 This is just an overview of the many features and possibilities of Music Director Pro. For more information on what this framework can do for you please visit http://www.MusicDirectorPro.com.

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