21. Address Book Integration [7:22]

Description: This video provides an overview of Apple® Address Book integration in the Core4 CRM using the Address Book Manipulator.

Let’s take a look at Apple Address Book integration in the Core4. In order to integrate with Apple’s Address Book you will first need to purchase, install, and register the Address Book Manipulator plug-in which is sold separately. Let’s discuss some of the out-of-box features of the plug-in.

  • Integration includes a bi-directional data exchange with Apple’s Address Book.
  • You may push a single or found set of contact records from the Core4 to Address Book.
  • You can also pull contacts from Address Book into the Core.
  • Integration was designed to use a specific group in Address Book. This preserves your Address Book by only communicating with one designated group.

1:08 Let’s begin by installing the plug-in. Navigate to the plug-in bundle downloaded from our website. Locate the actual plug-in and copy. You want to navigate to the FileMaker Extensions folder to install it. On a Mac, the folder is located in Library > Application Support > FileMaker > Extensions. Paste the plug-in right into this folder. Now we have installed the plug-in. Next let’s open the Core4.

1:54 Now that we’ve downloaded and installed the plug-in the next step is to register it. Navigate to Core > Preferences > Global Settings > Plug-ins tab. Here on the Register Plug-ins tab I can see that the Address Book Manipulator is installed. After you purchase the plug-in you’ll receive a License ID from Productive Computing. Enter your License ID here. Then select the “Register” button. You only need to register once per user per machine. Now the plug-in is running in LIVE mode indicated here. Now we have successfully installed and registered the Address Book Manipulator plug-in.

2:52 Let’s navigate to User Settings. I’m currently logged in as John Smith. The Address Book Manipulator tab is where you’ll specify the name of the group to communicate with in Address Book. I’ll name the group “Core4 Contacts.” The Group Name is specific to each Core User. You’ll be pushing and pulling contact records only in this group. Please note that it is case sensitive. So I’ll copy the name, and let’s navigate to Address Book. Here in Address Book we can see the group does not exist. I’ll create a new group called Core4 Contacts. I’m going to place all of the contacts that I’d like to bring in the Core into this group. Now there are 4 records in the Core4 Contacts group.

4:03 Here on the Contacts tab, navigate to Core > Preferences > User Settings > Address Book Manipulator tab. Select this button to import contacts from Address Book. 4 contacts were successfully imported from Address Book. Here we can see the Address Book contacts have been added in the Core.

4:41 Next let’s review pushing records from the Core4 to Address Book. I’ll peform a find for a record that currently doesn’t exist in Address Book. Then navigate to Core > and here we can see the pushing options: Push Contact to Address Book (Single), and Push Contacts to Address Book (Found Set). I’ll go ahead and export this single record. In Address Book, here is Tyler’s record that we have just pushed over.

5:29 Now let’s push a found set of records to Address Book. I’ll perform a find for any record that is a “Client.” 6 records are in the found set. Then navigate to Core > Push Contacts to Address Book (Found Set). The Address Book Manipulator plug-in gives you the power to push and pull Core4 Contacts with your Address Book. Typically importing contacts from Address Book into the Core should be performed one time to give you a starting point. AIl adds, edits, or deletions ideally should be done in the Core, but if you modify anything in Address Book you can certainly re-import everything back in.

6:42 This is just a brief overview of the many features and possibilities of the Core4. For more information on what the Core can do for you please visit http://www.Core4CRM.com, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo. Please contact us via email, phone, or browse our forum if you have any additional questions.

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