18. Dashboard [5:55]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Calendar tab in the Core4 CRM.

Let’s take a closer look at the Dashboard in the Core4. The Dashboard tab will look like this. Here you have quick and easy access to analyzing data and goal management. This scrolling marquee may display any message you wish, and is setup in the Global Settings of the Core Preferences. There are various tabs available that will give you a comprehensive view for each section. We’ll look at each tab to clarify. Each Dashboard will have filters allowing you to view only the data that you need.

0:49 First let’s look at the Tasks tab. This tab allows you to view tasks in a list for any Core user based on your filters specified. For instance, let’s say we wanted to view only John and Portia’s tasks with a high priority. Here you can remove linked users. I’ll go ahead and unlink Brady and Andrew. Then change the Priority filter to high. Now we can see all of the high priority tasks this year for John and Portia. To view a specific task detail select this blue arrow.

1:36 The Opportunities tab allows you run reports and view estimated revenue flows. Here you can view all opportunities based on the criteria specified. Let’s link Sales Reps here. A user is indicated as a Sales Rep in the Contacts tab. Then let’s specify the Date Range. We have additional filter options to view by Stages, Categories, or even Values. To navigate to a specific Opportunity select the blue arrow. The Stage Bar tab allows you to view the opportunities in a bar graph based off of Stages. The Category Bar tab shows opportunities in a graph based off of Categories.

2:37 The Estimates tab allows you to track all estimates that meet the specific criteria. Stage filters also apply here. Let’s view all of the estimates that are not obsolete. Selecting a blue arrow will bring you to the record in the Estimates tab. Estimates also have the Stage Bar and Class Bar tabs.

3:04 The Orders tab allows you to manage all orders during the sales process. Here we may view orders that meet the specified criteria in a list. Again, the Stage Bar tab will show a graph of orders by stage. The Class Bar is available for viewing as well.

3:26 Next we have the Invoices tab. This tab allows you to easily track all of your invoices. Let’s omit any invoices that are obsolete. Here we can view the invoices by the Stage Bar or the Class Bar.

3:49 The Projects tab provides you with access to manage and review all projects that fit your specified criteria. Again, the Stage Bar and Category Bar graphs are available for Projects as well.

4:06 The Goals tab allows you to set and monitor individual and company goals. Goals will be displayed in bar graphs showing the Actual amounts compared to Goal amounts. Individual goals are calculated from the Order totals and dates for each Sales Rep. Here you may select the Start and End dates to view. Navigate to the Goals Setup tab to specify Individual or Company goals. Simply select the green plus button. Then specify the year, month, and goal amount. Company goals are calculated from all Order totals and dates.

5:03 The Dashboard in the Core4 is a great way to track and manage all your vital data and goals. This is just a brief overview of the many features and possibilities of the Core4. For more information on what the Core can do for you please visit http://www.Core4CRM.com, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo.

5:32 Please contact us via email, phone, or browse our forum if you have additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you and automating your business to operate more efficiently.

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