14. Projects [8:40]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Projects tab in the Core4 CRM.


Let’s take a closer look at Projects in the Core4. The Projects tab will look like this. Here you can create, track, and manage all of your projects relating to your company’s unique project management system. Let’s begin by creating a new project. Select the New Record icon in the status toolbar. First let’s give this project a title. To add a Company or Individual, begin typing a name and a contact search window will open. To conveniently navigate to an individual or company record, select this blue arrow. On the contact record if we navigate to the Projects related tab below, I can view all the associated projects with this record. And here is the new project record that we’ve just created. I’ll select this blue arrow to navigate back to the project.

1:15 Let’s enter a brief description for the project. The Category list is editable. I’ll assign a Priority here. To assign Roles for the project, select this green plus button. Start typing a name for the contact search window to open. Roles are an editable drop down list. And I’ll go ahead and add in a few more contacts and roles. Department is an editable drop-down list. Stages are set up in the Core Preferences area. These should be setup before new projects are created. Then we can select the project’s Start Date and an End Date. The Total Time is auto-calculated from the related timers in hours, minutes, and seconds. The Percentage Complete is a weighted calculation based off of each project’s line items, start dates, end dates, and percentage done values. As we add project items and timers, we’ll see how the total time and percent complete are calculated.

2:44 Next let’s add new project line items. Select the New Project Item button. Then we can assign this to a specific Core User. Enter a Start and End date. These Activity Categories are setup in the Core Preferences. I’ll go ahead and add a few more project line items. The Order column allows you to sort the order of each project item.

3:48 Next let’s enter a timer for Portia for the Overview Meeting. Select this green button, and I’ll change a few of these values. We can select this blue arrow to navigate back to the Project record. Then let’s add a few timers for John Smith’s project items. If you wanted to view all timers for the project, navigate to the Timers tab below. Select this List View icon to view all of the timers in a list. Now that we’ve entered a few timers, the Total Time field has populated here. The Total Time field is auto calculated from the related timers. If we updated a few of the % Done fields, the % Complete for the entire project would also update accordingly.

5:39 To the left we have all the action items. Select this icon to duplicate the project. All relevant information will be carried over into a new record. Certain fields will be cleared such as Dates or Assigned To because typically these are going to be different. Let’s navigate back to the original project. You could assign various activities to the project such as Notes, Events, Tasks, Emails, Faxes, Calls, or Letters. Simply select the desired icon to create a new activity. It will automatically associate to the Company, Customer, as well as the Project. These filter options allow you to view activities by selection. To insert documents specific to the project, select this green plus button. The document will automatically link to the Client and Project. Documents also have filter options allowing you to view by type. The More Info tab also has the Project Title and number. The Created and Modified By date/time stamps track when the project was created and who it was last modified by.

7:53 This is just a brief overview of the many features and possibilities of the Core4. For more information on what the Core can do for you please visit http://www.Core4CRM.com, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo.

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