07. Opportunities [5:08]

Description: This video provides an overview of Opportunities in the Core4 CRM.

Let’s take a closer look at Opportunities in the Core4 CRM. Opportunities allow you to create, track, and manage data unique to your company sales tracking process.

0:23 Here I have the Core4 open, and in this video we will be working from the Opportunities tab. To create a new opportunity navigate to the Status Toolbar at the top, and select the New Record button. Let’s begin by adding the Opportunity title. Next we can link the Opportunity to a company or individual record. Once you link an Opportunity to an individual all of the individual’s phone and internet information will appear here. You may navigate to the specific record by selecting the blue arrow button. You could also go to the Opportunities tab on the individual, and conveniently navigate to the Opportunity by selecting the blue arrow.

1:25 Let’s continue entering the information for this Opportunity. Categories and Departments are editable drop-down lists. Let’s add a priority, and a sales rep. Next let’s fill in a description. The date is auto-populated with the date of your machine, but can be changed if needed. Next we can add an Estimate Close Date. The Actual Close Date may be filled in once the Opportunity actually closes.

2:13 Stages are setup in the Core Preferences area. Let’s give this a probability of 80%, and a value of $30,000. The Weighted Value is an auto-calculation depending on the probability and the value amount.

2:33 The More Info tab also contains the opportunity title and number. The Created and Modified By date/time stamps allow you to see who created or modified the Opportunity and when.

2:50 These action items allow you to add a new activity linked to this Opportunity. Let’s add a New Task. As you can see this task is automatically linked to the contacts for this Opportunity, as well as the Opportunity itself. Now I can see all related activities on the Activities sub-tab of the Opportunity. Opportunities can also have associations for Documents, Invoices, Orders, and Estimates. The green plus button will allow you to create new records directly from this Opportunity.

3:53 You can view all related records in a List View by selecting this List View icon. Select the blue arrow to navigate to a specific record. The Core4 provides you with flexibility in managing opportunities in one centralized database.

4:23 This is just a brief overview of the many features and possibilities of the Core4. For more information on what the Core4 can do for you, please visit http://www.Core4CRM.com, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo.

4:44 Please contact us via email, phone, or browse our forum if you have additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you and automating your business to operate more efficiently.

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