05. Activity Management [9:08]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Activities tab in the Core4.

Let’s take a closer look at Activities in the Core4. Core4 activities can be Letters, Emails, Faxes, Calls, Notes, Tasks, Events, and Project Items. The Core4 stores all activities for future reference. There are various ways to view activities from the Core4. For example, you may want to view all activities related to a specific contact or opportunity. Or you may want to view all activities related to a specific project. There are many options when it comes to Activities, so let’s open the Core4 so we can learn how to Create, View, and Manage Activities.

1:01 The Activities tab will look like this. Here you can track, manage, and maintain all of your correspondence history and activities. You can sort the activities by any column such as the Assignee/Calendar, Subject or Title, as well as Type. If you’d like to view an activity’s detail, select the blue arrow.

1:27 Let’s navigate to the Contacts tab and see how we can create different activities. Here is Tyra’s record and let’s generate a new letter. Letters can be created via Templates with Merge Fields or written on the fly. I’ll apply a template to this letter. We have the option to associate the letter to a contact. You can also associate the letter with a Project or an Opportunity. Perform a spell check to the letter by selecting this ABC button. Preview and print the letter with this printer button.

2:22 The Activities sub-tab is a quick way to view all of the associated activities for this particular record. Next let’s create a new email. Emails also can be written on the fly, or you can apply a template. The signature at the bottom was set up in the Preferences area. I’ll link this email to another Contact, Project, and Opportunity. We also have the option to add attachments by selecting this green plus button. If you wanted to add more recipients select the “To” button, and that will open a search window. You can also add by groups or a found set. Here we have a feature to send the email as a mail campaign. If you select this box then it’s going to send a separate mail-merged email to each “To” recipient rather than one email to all. Here we have the Send as HTML option to send an HTML-formatted email. This feature requires the Outlook Manipulator plug-in.

4:05 Next let’s create a fax. Select the New Fax icon, and creating faxes can also be done with templates or on the fly. I’ll apply a template. The From field is a drop-down list of all the Core users. You may link the fax to Contacts, Projects, or Opportunities if needed. Just like emails and letters, we have the spell check print options here as well. If you select Print, you’ll have the option to save the fax as a PDF or to print it to a specified printer.

4:51 Now let’s create a new Note. Notes may be assigned Categories. These categories are set up in the Core Preferences. And you may also link the note to Contacts, Projects, and Opportunities.

5:20 Next let’s add a Task. Tasks may be assigned a Priority, Start Date, and Due Date. Again, categories are set up in the Core Preferences. You may assign tasks to any Core user. Tasks can also have Reminder dates and times. You can mark the task as complete with this check box. The options to link Contacts, Projects, or Opportunities is available here as well.

6:18 Now let’s enter a New Event. These Event Categories are set up in the Preferences. The Reminders button allows you to set reminders for Core users. And with the Repeat checkbox, you may add event reoccurrences if needed. You may specify if the event will run all day with this check box. Or you may mark the event as Complete with this box. I’ll go ahead and link this event to a few contacts, a project, and an opportunity.

7:26 Now if we go to the Activities tab I can select this List View button, and that’s going to show me a list of all the new activities that I’ve created for Tyra. You can see that they are distinguished by their type and icon. I’ll select the Show All button to display all activities in the Core4. You can see that there are a few Project items in the list. Project items are line items that relate to a specific project. Select the blue icon to view the details of a specific item. As you can see, we have an Activities sub-tab here as well showing all of our linked Activities to the project. All activities that were previously linked would show up on this tab. The same applies to Opportunities. All activities linked to an Opportunity will show up on the Activities sub-tab.

8:33 This is just a brief overview of the many features and possibilities of the Core4. For more information on what the Core can do for you, please visit http://www.Core4CRM.com, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo.

8:50 Please contact us via email, phone, or browse our forum if you have any additional questions.

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