01. Overview [3:14]

**This product has been discontinued as of May 10, 2016.**

Description: This video provides an overview of the Outlook Manipulator for Mac plug-in.


Introducing the Outlook Manipulator for Mac plug-in for FileMaker. This plug-in allows you to connect FileMaker to Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

0:19 So why Outlook? Outlook comes bundled with Microsoft Office, and is the leading email system on the market. Outlook is a feature-rich email application as well as a place to store Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes. Outlook also directly connects with mobile technologies such as iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry.

0:45 Now that you are using Microsoft Outlook in your business we can start integrating this plug-in to connect FileMaker. This plug-in allows Outlook Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, & Notes to exchange data with FileMaker. Our plug-in comes with a complete library of functions that allow a developer to exchange data between the two programs.

1:12 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of using the Outlook Manipulator for Mac.

  • Eliminate Double Entry:  Organizations that use FileMaker traditionally store their contacts within a FileMaker database. The same organizations may use Outlook to generate all their email. The problem is that Outlook also stores a set of contacts independent of FileMaker. You can use our plug-in to update your Outlook contacts and eliminate double entry by keeping everyone’s Outlook contacts up to date and accurate.
  • Outlook Reminders:  Oftentimes organizations keep calendar event data in FileMaker. By moving FileMaker calendar data into Outlook, you can now leverage Outlook’s handy pop-up reminders!
  • Outlook Day, Week, & Month Views:  Once your calendar data is in Outlook, you have access to all the layouts and print options Outlook provides such as day view, week view, and month view.
  • Other Benefits:  Sending HTML & plain-text formatted emails, and sending multiple attachments complete with dynamic names.

This is just a small sampling of what is possible with the plug-in. You can add, edit, and delete Outlook records using just FileMaker script steps.

2:45 I encourage you to explore this web site, review the videos & documentation, and download a demo.

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