10a. Inventory Tracking [3:55]

Description: This video provides an overview of the inventory tracking available in the Items modules of the Core3 CRM.

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Let’s take a look at the Inventory Tracking features available in the Core3 Version or later. Let’s begin by opening the Core and navigating to the Items module. Here to start I will add a new record, in this case let’s add a new item called Butterfly, you could put a sku number in there, the type, the category (I’ll go ahead and put that as Hardware), and the unit price for our butterflies, we’ll make this $50 and we’ll make the item Taxable. Next you could put in some description here, notes; you could insert an item picture.  Now these are just standard features for how you actually insert items and work in the Items module.

1:03 We’re going to focus our attention on this Quantity area here for the sake of the Inventory Tracking video. So you can’t actually physically put a quantity in here, you have to select Adjust Quantity, adjust the inventory in a positive or negative amount; let’s say we’ll start with 300 butterflies, and we’ll put “Initial purchase”. Now if I were to go to the Inventory Log for the Butterfly item I can see my initial purchase, any previous quantity, the quantity adjusted, and my final quantity. So let’s actually go to an invoice, add the Butterfly item to the invoice, and we’ll see how that affects our Inventory Tracking here. Let me go to an invoice, I will make a new record, and let’s assign this invoice to John Smith here, and we’ll go ahead and add a new line item and that line item will be our Butterfly. I’ll go ahead and put a quantity of 25. So now according to our records in the Core we started with 300 butterflies, we then sold 25 butterflies on this invoice. So if I navigate back to the Butterfly item which I can conveniently do by selecting this blue arrow here, I will see that my quantity now reads 275.

2:32 Now let’s say we have to adjust the quantity perhaps 25 butterflies escaped, I’ll go ahead and put -25 and we can put “escaped”. Now my quantity has been adjusted to -25 and my final count is 250. This gives you a basic idea of how the flow works for Inventory Tracking, gives you basic control of adjusting your quantity in a positive or negative amount, as well as deducting any amounts of the item that have been sold in an invoice. This can of course be customized to handle Kitting or Groups or any additional inventory needs, but out of the box this is a really nice start to Inventory Tracking and keeping an Inventory Log of all of your items and we hope you enjoy this new feature.

3:22 This is just one of the many features of the Core3. For additional information please explore this website, review the videos and documentation, and download a demo. If you need additional assistance please contact us via email, phone, or browse our forum for any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you and automating your business to operate more efficiently.