07a. Phone Call Tracking [4:03]

Description: This video provides an overview of the phone call tracking activity records available in the Core3 CRM.

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In this video we’re going to look at the Phone Call Tracking features that are now available in the Core Version or later. Let’s begin by opening and navigating to the Core3 CRM. If I navigate to the Contacts module here, I can see that I now have a new button called “New Call” (right here), and when I click this button “New Call,” it prompts me for Call Details. I can go ahead and enter the Subject of the call, and enter your notes here. The From field is a simple drop-down list of all of your Core users. Since I’m currently logged into the Core as Kevin, it defaulted the From field to the user Kevin. You can also see the Created By field here, indicating that this call activity detail was created by the user Kevin. Then I can go ahead and enter the Start Time, the End Time for the phone call, the Date the call was made. The Duration is an auto-calculation based off of the Start & End Time calculated in minutes. Next we’ll go ahead and enter a call Result. There are 4 different values such as Call Attempted, Call Completed, Call Left Message, and Call Received. I’m going to select the result of Call Completed.

1:42 Next you can assign the call to a various contact. I’ll go ahead and assign the call to Tom Jones. I’ll select Done there. You could also Link the call to a Project or an Opportunity. When I go ahead and select Done I can now see that there is a call made on the Activities tab by Kevin Clemons on 9/21/2011. I can select the blue arrow to view the details of this call. You also have the option to put a Follow Up here. I could select Follow Up, that’s going to automatically create a new Task for Kevin, and you could fill out all the Task Details here. And this just helps you follow up on any calls you have by creating Tasks for your users. I’m going to go ahead and hit Cancel, and let me select Done. If I navigate to the Activities tab where all of my activities are stored I could actually do a find for all calls that I have in the Core, and you can see that I currently have 3 calls in the Core. The call activity records work very similar to all of the other activities in the Core such as Events, Project Items, Emails, Tasks, and so forth. You can go ahead and select the blue arrow here to view the call details, or I could go to the various modules in the Core, select the Activities tab, and apply my filters if I don’t want to show calls (or if I want to show calls) and so forth. This new feature will allow you to track all of your call correspondence history as a company between all of your Core users and clients, and we hope you enjoy this new call feature. This is a look at just one of the many features the Core3 has to offer. I encourage you to explore this website, review the videos and documentation, and download a demo. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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