01. Overview [3:25]

Description: This video provides an overview of the FM Work Orders solution.

*This product has been discontinued as of August 2015.*


Introducing the FM Work Orders solution for FileMaker, the perfect cross-platform work orders solution for both in the office or in the field. Let’s meet dispatcher Dawn. She works hard to keep her technicians on schedule and up to date, and to keep her customers happy. Using appointment books, spreadsheets, digging through archives, stacks of paperwork, and stickies to keep her work orders organized can be time-consuming and frustrating.

0:48 Plus processing hand-written work orders often results in illegible handwriting, data entry mistakes, and missing paperwork leaving everyone more frustrated and lacks efficiency. How can they improve their workflow without having to invest too much time and money?

1:09 The solution is easy and is FM Work Orders! This paperless solution allows dispatcher Dawn to create work orders and electronically send the work orders to her technicians’ iPads. Dawn’s system will simultaneously update as each technician adds information onsite- keeping all orders up to date and accurate. Work orders can now be easily edited onsite using the technicians’ iPads.

1:41 Technicians can capture signatures for work confirmation, and provide the customer with a signed, completed work order via email. All while keeping Dispatcher Dawn’s FM Work Orders system up to date. Now dispatchers, technicians, and customers are all easily connected, organized, and satisfied.

2:04 FM Work Orders is a solution that features Work Orders, Customers, Technicians, Items, Preferences, and a Connection to QuickBooks. Imagine being able to centralize and streamline your data and workflow into a more productive one allowing you to work more efficiently and grow your business.

  • Rest assured knowing that FM Work Orders is built using FileMaker Pro, which is the world’s #1 award-winning, workgroup database software
  • Is cross platform and able to run on both Mac or Windows
  • Is hosted on a centralized server in the “cloud” so users have access to their database from the web
  • Is multi-user capable
  • and works with your iPad using FileMaker Go

2:52 This is just an overview of the many features and possibilities of FM Work Orders. For more information on what this solution can do for you please explore this website, review the videos and documentation, and try a demo. If you need additional assistance please contact us.

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