02. Preferences [8:44]

Description: This video provides an overview of the “Preferences” area in the FM Work Orders solution.


Let’s take a look at how to set up Preferences in the FM Work Orders solution. So we have 5 main areas here at the top indicated by these tabs. We have Contacts, Orders, Technicians, Items, and Preferences. In this video we’re going to discuss Preferences, and how to set them up.

0:30 But before we get started let’s just take a moment to discuss the status toolbar at the top. The status toolbar is used to navigate through your found set of records. So for example, I can navigate through my 3 contacts that I have here. It can also be used to add a new contact, delete contacts, perform finds, sortings, and much more. The status toolbar plays an important role in using the FM Work Orders solution, and I encourage you to read the User Manual for how to use this toolbar. You can also customize the status toolbar. So as you can see we have many more options here. You could simply drag your favorite icon that you would like to use into the status toolbar. I’ll keep the status toolbar as it is by default, and select Done.

1:25 So let’s navigate to the Preferences area, and let’s begin by exploring how we setup and configure our Preferences in FM Work Orders. First we have the General tab. The General tab provides you with an area to specify some miscellaneous information. First we have the Dispatcher’s Email. This is the actual email address of the dispatcher. Next we have the Tax checkbox. Select this checkbox to always apply tax on orders. When you change this checkbox it doesn’t affect orders already created. It only affects new orders created after the change has been made. Then we have our Default Layout. This is the layout that’s first going to appear when you open up the solution. So I’ll go ahead and change that to Contacts. And if you select this checkbox, a technician signature will be required on all work orders. The last 2 buttons down here are “Reset to Factory Settings” and “Clear All Data.” Please use these buttons with caution because once you clear all data you’re actually going to remove all data from the entire system and there is no undo for that. The same option with “Reset to Factory Settings.” It’s going to remove all data and replace it with sample data, and there is no undo for this option either. So these are the basic General Preferences.

2:57 Next we have the Users tab. The Users tab allows you to manage login credentials to access the FM Work Orders system. So we can add an account with this button here. Adding an account allows you to add a user account for login. The “Active” checkbox allows you to specify if the user account is active or not. You may also delete user accounts with this red X button. Then we have the “Register Device” and “Unregister Device” buttons. The “Register Device” button allows an iPad user to register a device so that login credentials won’t be required to access the system. Let’s take a look at the iPad to see how we can register a device.

3:56 Here is the FM Work Orders system opened on an iPad. Let’s navigate to the Preferences tab, and the Users tab. To register an account you’re going to select the account you wish to register, and then select the “Register Device” button. You will then receive a result of the unique ID assigned to your device. And registering an iPad is really that simple. So now John Griffin’s account will not require login credentials whenever he needs to access FM Work Orders. If you wanted to unregister his device you would select the “Unregister Device” button. So let’s select his account, and then “Unregister Device.” And now that his device is unregistered it will require login credentials to gain access.

5:02 The next tab is Terms, Notes, and Disclaimer. So for Terms & Conditions you can just specify the terms and conditions that you’re going to link to a work order here. Below that we have Optional Notes. Here you can put in optional notes and these will appear on all work orders that are going to be printed. The same with Disclaimer. Disclaimer also appears on all of the work orders that are going to be printed.

5:30 Let’s go to a work order for just a moment, and we’ll do a quick Preview here so you can see. Here you can see at the bottom are my optional notes, and then there is my disclaimer. If I were to hit Print, then it would then ask me if I wanted to print the Terms & Conditions as well. And there are my Terms & Conditions. I’ll just go ahead and print those, and let’s go back to Preferences.

6:07 The next tab we have is the Company Info tab. This tab provides you with an area to specify company information which is going to be displayed throughout the FM Work Orders solution. First we have the Company Logo, and here you have the option to Insert your logo, Export this logo, or you could Clear the logo if you wanted to put a new one in. Below that we have the License ID for the company. Now you might also have a different name other than “License ID.” Maybe it’s a “Contractor License #.” We give you the flexibility to rename the label, as well as populate the field with the appropriate ID number. Below that we have Company Information. This area may reflect the address, phone number, fax, email, and so forth.

7:01 The next tab is the FM Books Connector tab. This tab allows you to setup the FM Books Connector plug-in to connect to QuickBooks. This option is only available for Windows users. Here you may Install the plug-in, enter a License ID, and Register it. Once registered, you can make your first connection to QuickBooks with this button here.

7:28 The last tab available is the Taxes tab. This area allows you to manage all tax rates used on work orders. You can set a certain rate as the “Default,” or you can add a new tax rate, or delete tax rates. If certain rates have been pulled in from QuickBooks, then this “Exists in QB” box will be marked.

7:55 And that’s it! These are the Preferences in the FM Work Orders solution. I encourage you to set up these Preferences before you begin working in your solution, and also familiarize yourself with the status toolbar at the top because that’s going to be very helpful with your workflow and ease of use.

8:15 Please make sure you utilize all available tools we provide such as additional training videos, documentation, and try a demo. If you need additional assistance contact us via email, phone, or browse our forum. Thank you for watching, and enjoy your new FM Work Orders solution!

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