03. Using the Demo [8:10]

**This product has been discontinued as of May 10, 2016.**

Description: This video explains how to use Constant Contact and the FileMaker demo file that comes with the eMail Marketing Connector.


In this video we’re going to discuss how to work with Constant Contact and use the demo file provided. Let’s begin by navigating to FileMaker and opening the FileMaker demo file that comes with the plug-in bundle.  You will note there are three tabs here on the upper left: Setup, Lists, and Contacts.  Let’s begin on the Setup tab, since we’ve already discussed step one, the registration process in an earlier video, we’ll skip right to Step 2.  First you need to set up your account with Constant Contact, which can be done by navigating to www.constantcontact.com here.  As you can see I’ve already logged into my Constant Contact account, if I were to navigate to Contacts within Constant Contact you would see various lists and contacts that I already have entered into Constant Contact. So let’s see how I pull those into FileMaker using our demo and vice versa. First thing we need to do in Step 2 is authenticate with your Constant Contact account. You’re simply going to put in your user name and password here, and select the Authenticate button. A result of “0” is a success. Your developer can hard code all of these steps behind the scenes in your solution; this is just working with the demo file. Now that we’ve authenticated with our Constant Contact account I can navigate to the Lists tab or the Contacts tab.

1:36 Let’s begin on the List tab, a list in Constant Contact is an electronic list containing specific subscriber contact information. Each list has a unique name and unique List ID number. Let’s go ahead and hit this button here to import all or of our lists into our FileMaker demo file. Now that I’ve imported all of my lists you can see here I have the List ID number in the column on the left, the name of the list, and the Subscriber Count here. I can delete the list by simply selecting this red X button here if you’d like to actually permanently delete this list. None of my contacts will be deleted but the List will actually be deleted. I’ll go ahead and cancel that, and why don’t we delete a list such as Tech here that doesn’t have any subscribers in it.  And that’s just going to permanently delete the list from my demo file as well as from Constant Contact. So if I were to actually reload this page here you would no longer see that Tech list here and it’s no longer listed there. If I navigate back to my demo file I can create a new list by selecting this green New List button, and I’ll just call this “New List” here, go ahead and select OK.  And I’ve now created a new list, I do not have any subscribers in it yet but if we go into our Constant Contact online and reload this page, you can see that I now have a new list called “New List” here.  Let’s go back into FileMaker and this is the basic functionality of the eMail Marketing Connector regarding lists. You import your lists, you delete your lists, and you can create new lists.

3:23 Let’s move on to Contacts next. “Contact” in Constant Contact is a subscriber who has a unique email address and plus additional basic contact information; such as a name, phone number. Here in our demo file we give you the option here in Step 1 to select your list.  Let’s go ahead and select our Vendors list, and as you can see I have the unique ID number here on the left which is number 2, and also the name of the list which is called “Vendors”. What I’m going to do is select the “Import All Contacts”, and this process is going to delete all contacts from FileMaker and it’s going to import all the contacts from Constant Contact. So I’m going to go ahead and select “Yes”, and it’s retrieving all of my contacts from my vendor list and as you can see it’s imported in 11 contacts from the Vendor list, and here they are here. If I wanted to see specific information on each contact I would just simply select the blue arrow here, that’s going to bring up the contact detail information.  Here you could update your contact information, if you needed to maybe change the first name, change the phone number and so forth.  I would simply select the Update Contact button and that has now updated that contact in Constant Contact. So if I were to actually navigate back to Constant Contact, and let’s go to my Contacts here and I will navigate to my Vendors list and in here I should find a subscriber called Mindy and here Mindy is with the updated first name as you can see here. Let’s navigate back to FileMaker, and we do have an option where you can opt contacts out. So if you wanted to opt this contact out, you’d simply select the “Opt Out Contact” button and once I click that button I’m prompted with a dialog if I do indeed want to opt the contact out. Because now you’re utilizing Constant Contact’s “Opt Out” policy and once we opt out a customer the customer then needs to opt back in if they would like. So I’m just going to go ahead and select “No” and going to go ahead and close this here.

5:41 Next on our demo file we have the option to create a new contact. So I could go ahead and select “New Contact”, and let’s just say I have a new contact here called “Jane”;  and please note the demo file we try to make as friendly as possible so fields that are in YELLOW as you can see are read-only and fields that are in RED are required. So this contact does need to be associated with a specific list, I’m going to keep the contact associated to “Vendors”, I’m going to add the contact and as soon as I’ve added the contact I now retrieve a Contact ID. Just like all lists have a unique List ID all contacts have a unique Contact ID. We’ve brought in the status, and then we can go ahead and close this here. And if I were to navigate into to Constant Contact; here I would find a contact called Jane DePalma with the email address that I just had added for this contact.  So this is a basic overview of how the demo file works.

6:38 We do also offer this feature here on our demo and in our plug-in, it’s called “Import Updated Contacts”. What this feature does, is it allows you to import any contacts that have been updated or changed based off of the date that you pass to the actual function. Here you can see the date and time right here of the last update, so we’re showing that on our demo file. So if I were to actually select “Import Updated Contacts” it’s going to retrieve all of the contacts that have been updated since this date. Since no contacts have been updated since this date it didn’t need to import any more contacts in. This is a basic overview of how the demo file works; we also have various tools available for you. Check out our Video Library here at the top, Document Library, our Product Forum. And when you’re ready to buy the plug-in simply select the “Buy Now” button to go to our website to make your purchase.

7:35 Now we can begin to integrate the plug-in into your FileMaker solution. Please make sure you utilize all available tools we provide such as additional training videos, documentation, and reverse engineer our demo file. If you need additional assistance please contact us via email, phone, or browse our forum for answers. We’re happy to assist you with any integration steps or even design a solution for you.  Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoy connecting Constant Contact and FileMaker Pro.