03. Using the Demo [5:39]

Description: This video explains how to use the FileMaker demo file that comes with the FM Credit Card plug-in.


In this video we are going to look at how to use the demo for the FM Credit Card Plug-in. The demo was really designed for you ease of use so you can see how to use the plug-in in all four gateway environments. Let’s take a look and open the demo now.

0:23 When you open the demo file it will look something like this. Step one is the registration process, which is discussed in the setup video. Since I’m operating in LIVE mode, I can skip this step and go right to the Process Mode. The Process Mode basically allows us to process our transactions in either TEST of LIVE mode. We will currently set the Process Mode to Test and click Set Mode. We have now successfully set out Process Mode to “Test” mode; since we will not be processing live credit card transactions in this demo.

1:04 Next let’s go to the Choose a Gateway tab. Here we have the four different gateways that the credit card works with: Authorize, PayPal, OGone and Eway. I will select Authorize for the demo purposes. Once you click your selected gateway, then you will have various options that are available by that gateway. Not all gateways offer the same options. So here for Authorize I can see they offer an Authorize & Capture, Authorize, Capture, Capture Only, Credit, UCredit and Void. We give a brief description on the right side here so you can see what each of these tabs does. Let’s go to the Authorize & Capture tab; here I can see that I have various fields. Please note, the fields in yellow are provided by Authorize.Net as indicated down here. You should get your Login ID and your Transaction Key from Authorize.Net. Next you fill in the various fields such as your credit card amount in this amount. Let’s fill in those various fields. Here we will charge a credit card for $200.00, provide the card number, the expiration date, security code and additional card holder information here. Then simply select the Authorize & Capture button and as you can see this transaction has been approved; I’ve received a successful response from our gateway and I now have a Transaction ID. You will want to store the Transaction ID in FileMaker, as down the road you may want to void this transaction and you can do that by using the Transaction ID. Processing a credit card transaction is really that simple using our plug-in.

2:52 If we were to go ahead and close the Authorize.Net option, we could go into PayPal and see that I have a just a few different options here. I have Sale, Authorize, Capture, VoiceAuth, Credit, Void and Inquire; and again we have a description on the right showing you what all of these options do. So I’m going to close this tab and go to OGone just to show you the options here with OGone. Same concept as we did with Authorize.Net. Since the concept of processing a sale is the same for all four gateways, I’m not going to show you how to make a sale for each different gateway on each tab. You would simply go to the corresponding tab for the gateway, and in this case it’s OGone Sale, enter the information, again the fields in yellow are provided by OGone and then click the Sale button. You will receive a gateway response and a Transaction ID. In Eway we only have two options: Sale and Refund; and this is just the response carried over from the previous transaction, so we can just clear that out to start fresh. Go ahead and close that. And that is how you process a credit card using our demo.

4:05 The demo also provides easy access to our Video Library, Document Library and our Product Forum; all with just a click of a button here. That will open your web browser and will bring you to all of our training videos here. We also have an About Us button on the bottom here; contains all of our contact information if you have any additional questions. And then a Buy Now button as well; if you click the Buy Now button we’ll go right to our website so you can go ahead and purchase the plug-in. The demo file is fully open so you can get into the scripts and reverse engineer how we are actually doing an authorization and see the script steps involved in that. We also have an additional training video showing you the under the hood script steps.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy processing credit cards easily, safely and securely using our plug-in all in FileMaker. Now you can begin to integrate the plug-in into your FileMaker solution. Please make sure you utilize all tools available. We provide training videos, documentation and even reverse engineer our demo file. If you need additional assistance please contact us via email, phone or browse our forum for answers. We are happy to assist you with any integration steps or even design a solution for you. Thank you for watching and Happy FileMaking!