01. Overview [2:43]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Mail Manipulator plug-in for FileMaker Pro.


Introducing the Mail Manipulator Plug-in for FileMaker. This plug-in allows you to exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Mac Mail using nothing more than FileMaker script steps.

0:19 Why would you use Mac Mail? Mac Mail comes bundled with Mac OS. Works with Exchange, IMP and POP accounts. And works with popular email services such as Gmail, Mobile Me, Yahoo, AOL and more. Mac mail can handle more than one account, so you can access everything from one central place. And it integrates with iCal, Address Book, Google Maps and more. Mac Mail offers junk mail filtering and much more!

0:51 Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of using the Mail Manipulator Plug-in. You can import email from Mac Mail into your FileMaker solution; allowing you to keep a complete centralized email correspondence history. What traditionally happens in an organization, is that individuals send and receive email from their individual Mac Mail Accounts independent from one another and from the organization. Our plug-in can fix this problem by importing emails directly from individuals Mac Mail into FileMaker; thereby centralizing all email in a single FileMaker table. Now that all the email are in FileMaker, you can organize the email by client matching related email address; or come up with any design that you or your developer see fit for your company. The reverse is also true; as you can send email from your FileMaker solution through Mac Mail. In addition, our plug-in allows you to send mails with multiple attachments; which is not currently available in FileMaker’s traditional send mail command. Once you have imported or sent your emails, then you may desire to move your email records across various folders in Mac Mail for additional organization and functionality. Our plug-in allows you to move your mail items from one folder to another in Mac Mail.

2:15 For additional resources I encourage you to explore this website, review the videos and documentation and download a demo. Please contact us via email, phone or browse our forum if you have any additional questions. We hope you will now enjoy connections FileMaker and Mac Mail.