01. Overview [2:49]

Description: This video provides an overview of the Core3 CRM.

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Introducing the Core3 Solution for FileMaker, the perfect multi-user cross platform CRM solution for getting your companies data centralized and organized.

0:17 If you are like most companies, then you track your company information in various places. It can take a lot of precious time sifting through your files and emails to find what you need and when you need it. The Core3 is a powerful solution centralizing, organizing and tracking everything you need for your business.

0:38 The Core3 comes fully equipped to manage and maintain the following areas: Contacts, Opportunities, Correspondence (such as emails, letters and faxes), Activates including notes and tasks, Documents, Projects, Calendars and Events, Timers as well and Estimates, Orders and Invoices. And the Core integrates with 3rd Party Applications such as Outlook and QuickBooks.

1:15 Imagine being able to centralize and streamline your data and work flow into a more productive one, allowing you to work more efficiently and grow your business. Sleep soundly at night knowing that the Core3 is built using FileMaker Pro, which is the worlds #1 work group database software. Is Cross Platform and able to work on both Macintosh and Window; and is sold completely unlocked so it can be easily customized and expanded to meet your company specific needs. The Core is also easy to deploy; and you can use the Core on your own computer or host the Core for simultaneous access in a multi-user environment locally or remotely. We live in an information age, so we need structure to capture, process and act on the information. The Core3 is the technology you need to empower your staff and increase productivity.

2:14 This is an overview of the many features and possibilities of the Core3. For more information on what the Core can do for you please explore this website, review the videos and documentation and download a demo. Please contact us via email, phone or browse our forum if you have any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you and automating your business to operate more efficiently.