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Vessel Service Solutions (VSS) is a solution for covering ship or watercraft breakdown emergencies. With Vessel Service Solutions, order fulfillment has never been easier while at sea. As soon as distress calls are received, office dispatchers have the ability to send mobile orders straight from the office to captains. Captains can receive, view, and update order dispatches via the FileMaker Go® app on an iPad. Once the captain completes an order, digital signatures can be captured to confirm completion and the order can be sent back to the main office as an internet connection becomes available.

VSS is efficiently green and provides a paperless option that does away with the problems normally experienced with handwritten documents including messy writing, absent paperwork, and mistakes with data entry.

Vessel Service Solutions is built on the award-winning FileMaker® Pro database engine and can be customized to fit your needs.

Vessel Service Solutions (VSS)

· Import order emails and send them to captains as soon as distress calls are received.
· Populate a dispatch with Tow Order email information with the click of a button.
· Use the latitude and longitude quick link to view boat location.
· Using the FileMaker Go app on the iPad, captains can easily generate notes, items, and signatures all while at sea.
· Acquire signatures from captains and customers digitally.
· Update orders to calculate an accurate total price.
· Send signed orders back to dispatch upon completion.
· Send completed orders to customers by email.

Fuel Log:

· Maintain a fuel log per boat
· Record information including: engine hours, fueling captain, cost per gallon, and more.
· Ability to create new fuel logs remotely on an iPad - internet connection required.

Maintenance Log:
· Keep a maintenance log per boat to track required services.
· Enter information such as date, type of maintenance, boat hours, and cost.
· Ability to maintain logs remotely on an iPad - internet connection required.

Maintenance Schedule:
· Keep a maintenance schedule per boat.
· Specify the type of maintenance, add notes and set frequency of service.
· Track current boat hours.
· Know, at a glance, how many hours are left until the next service.
· Ability to create maintenance schedules on an iPad - internet connection required.

Time Sheets
· Keep a record of all hours worked by your employees.
· Sort and view timer entries by date range or personnel.
· Ability to add timers remotely on the iPad - internet connection required.
· Add notes and assign timers entries to specific orders.
· Display staff member, date, start time, end time, total hours and total dollar amount billed.
· Easily edit and delete timers.

· Pull reports on Orders, Boats, and Time Sheets.
· Order reports: Overview, by Service, by Personnel.
· Boat reports: Fuel use by location and boat revenue and expense.
· Time Sheets reports: By Date, for all Personnel and for an Individual.
· View reports in PDF or Excel format.


· Manage and sort service information by name, case number, price, and more.
· Ability to track services (QuickBooks Items).


· Personalize your modules with company information, license number, and logo.
· Manage all terms, disclaimers, notes, and signature requirements.
· Manage all boats and track engine hours.
· Ability to add and manage multiple ports.
· Add and edit personnel information.
· Assign roles and rates to personnel.
· Create security with separate accounts and passwords for all personnel.

QuickBooks Integration with FM Books Connector:

· Transfer services/items from QuickBooks to VSS.
· Transfer invoice information between VSS and QuickBooks.
· Integration to QuickBooks requires the FM Books Connector plug-in (included).

Purchase the VSS setup package and then select the number of boats to determine your monthly or annual subscription. Subscriptions include a copy of FileMaker Pro.

Vessel Service Solutions (Setup Package):
· Initial Setup: $2,000
· Includes basic setup and support
· Hours of customization support sold separately at $185/hr

Vessel Service Solutions Subscription:
· $169 a month
· $1,825 a year (save over $300)
· Includes up to three (3) boats
· Required Minimum Subscription
· Includes a copy of FileMaker Pro

Additional Boats:
· $29 a month per boat
· $315 a year per boat (save over $30)

System Requirements

Application: MacintoshWindowsFileMaker® Pro 15
FileMaker Go®

Platform: Windows® 7/8/10
Mac OS 10.10 - 10.12

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VSS Setup Package: $2,000.00

VSS Subscription per/yr: $1,825.00

VSS Subscription per/mo: $169.00

VSS Additional Boat per/yr: $315.00

VSS Additional Boat per/mo: $29.00

Plug-in Information

Plug-ins for QuickBooks integration included.

Additional Product Information

Please Note Vessel Service Solutions is a SaaS (software as a service) product and requires an active subscription. A credit card will be kept on file for automatic renewal. At the time of renewal, we will send you a receipt so that you know your card has been charged. The subscription is required for use of the product and to keep the registration code active.

What People
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I really appreciate being able to download the database every day.  I am a great believer in "off site" regular backups, and this gives me the ability to do so daily.     I have had excellent support hosting with you.  No down time, and no issues.     A satisfied customer,   Hank Mason Crystal Vaults

"I was so happy yesterday to recognize the control panel access is simply good old FileMaker Server 13 admin console, and I can do everything I need to do normally. I tested uploading the file to the PCI hosting server from a local FMP file, opening file remotely in FMP13 and then removing the old test file off the server. Tested getting a backup from Dropbox link too. All worked flawlessly. Another feature I like very much is having a "Removed" file automatically zipped and downloaded to the local desktop; so convenient! PCI hosting is awesome!"

"Thank you... I'm amazed at how fast and efficient you are. I've never had such good product support anywhere!"

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