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As a member of our reseller program you could be receiving discounts on our products and services.

  • Reseller Program

PCI Reseller Program

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  • Reseller Program:

    As a PCI reseller you will be eligible to receive discounted product pricing, not for resale developer licenses and discounted support services. The program not only helps increase your revenue but can also augment your business so you can offer more to your clients.
  • Discounted Product Pricing:

    Receive 10% off the retail price of our products.
  • 50% OFF NFR Developer Licenses:

    You can also take advantage of our developer Not For Resale (NFR) licenses at 50% off the retail price. This NFR license is for your development use only and can be applied once per product (plug-ins only).
  • Discounted Support Services:

    Get 10% off our consulting and programming services. Whether you use our level 2 tech support to troubleshoot an issue, integrate a plug-in or subcontract a project to us - you can market our services to augment what you provide to your customers. Providing more with less effort and generating revenue!
  • Requirements:

    To become a PCI reseller you must have purchased a product from us at full retail price and must be in the business of providing software development services.
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PCI Stats:

- 7 Full Time Certified FileMaker Developers
- 66+ years Combined Programming Experience
- C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, IWP
- Experience integrating FileMaker with MySQL,
  Microsoft SQL, Oracle

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