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importing rtf-formatted email into filemaker

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When an rtf-formatted email is imported and one or more images are embedded in that mail. It is not possible to import the attachment. That does not have to be a problem, it is possible to not import attachments. However if instead one wants to save the message in .msg format to a file an error message is shown:

MAPI Subsystem error
Index: 0xFFFFFFFF, ulPropTag: 10130102, scode 0x8004010F

In this particular case the signature of the sender has an image with the companylogo, which i do not particularly need, but i cannot save the message as a file either.

My question: how do i avoid this .... how do i avoid being called by users all the time that they cannot save messages? Determining somehow that the email is rtf-formatted and then blocking the save-button is of coarse not an acceptable solution  :)
Another thing: this particular kind of email show in the list in outlook that it has attachment(s) but you can't download the attachment as for example a pdf-file attached to a regular email. I wouldn't mind not to be able to download the attachment, but the plugin should allow to import/save the message while ignoring that there is an attachment embedded in the rtf

I am not sure I follow what it is you are asking.

I assume that there are 2 problems...
1) you are unable to save an email using the PCEM_SaveRecordAsMSG
2) you are unable to import attachments

If my assumptions are incorrect please clarify.

In order to better diagnose the problems we will need a sample of your scripts.  Please attach screenshots or pdf files containing the scripts that are at fault.  Indicate which steps cause the error.

Hi Chris,

your assumptions are correct.
The samples of the scripts are not needed since it is your own demo-file : "Advanced demo"

#1) The scripts that doesn't save records with attachments in RTF-emails is: "Save as .MSG file".
The script-step that does not work is: PCEM_SaveRecordAsMsg ( $Path )
$Path = "C:\Documents and Settings\menno\Local Settings\Temp\FMP_Export.MSG" which definitely is a valid path.

#2) The scripts that doesn't work on attachments in RTF-emails is: "Extract mail records":
The script-step that does not work is: PCEM_GetAttachmentName ( $Counter )
There are a number of attachments and for the case that $counter=1 the result is, in this particular case with the rtf-mail I have, a question-mark .... ? After that the script cannot collect any file. For now i have solved this by checking the result $Attachment ≠ "?" and only then extract that particular attachment. This is fine by me for importing, but this leaves the issue of not being able to save this message as a .msg-file.

If you'd like to experiment with an rtf-formatted email i can forward one to you

regards, Menno

Please forward an offending message to

Hi Chris,

on Okt 5th we have sent you several emails and forwarded messages to you. Any progress yet? Any Questions?

regards, Menno


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