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I am assuming the default mode for PCQB_BeginSession is single user. Are there any disadvantages to using 'Multi' mode?

Melinda DePalma:
If the ShareMode parameter is left blank when calling PCQB_BeginSession, then a default “DoNotCare” is used which allows either single user or multi-user mode. If the specified company file is already open, QuickBooks allows the authentication process to proceed. If no company file is open, QuickBooks opens the company file in multi-user mode. If a different company file is already open, an error is returned.

I have added this clarification to the latest Functions Guide under the BeginSession function. The plug-in adheres to the guidelines outlined by the QuickBooks SDK and the "DoNotCare" is taken directly out of the QuickBooks SDK.

Here is a link to download the QuickBooks SDK should you prefer:


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