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Melinda DePalma:
When syncing contacts from Outlook to FileMaker Pro a few records returned an Error. It took some time for the developer to figure out that these where so called groups (/distribution lists).
The question is how can these records be skipped and are there any other record types for which data can not be retrieved ?

The PCEM_GetFieldData( "Message Class" ) returns the type (Message Class ID) of record currently being accessed.

The following link describes message class IDs...

In you scripts you might want to trap for the record type you are interested in. The following assumes that you are interested in only Contacts...

 Set Variable[ $class ;  PCEM_GetFieldData( "Message Class" ) ]  If[ PatternCount( $class ; "IPM.Contact" ) ]
  #you have a Contact item
  #process the record as a contact
 End If[]
End Loop

The types that are not currently supported by the plug-in are:
 IPM.TaskRequest type and its subtypes.

The types that we have not tested are:
The subtypes of IPM.Note

Types that are converted (the following are read-only):
IPM.Schedule (and its subtypes) are treated as mail items.
IPM.Report (and its subtypes ) are treated as mail items.

Download the latest documentation to view the fields available for the different types.


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