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Printing selection is only an issue on one or two of my computers which are connected to several printers with different paper size and orientation.

If I install the plugin only on these computers and modify the scripts acordinggly, will it disturb printing on other computers on the network? Is it needed to allow the plugin scripting only on the concerned computers?

Thank you for yourt answer.


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Re: network
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Hi JL,

The Change Printer will reliably switch printers in FileMaker when the print dialog is called and only when the print dialog box is called.  You then have the choice to give the user the option to manually select the OK button or to automate printing process without any user interaction. So to answer your specific questions, the plug-in doesn't affect anything having to do with paper size or orientation (A.K.A. Page Setup).  It has no jurisdiction on this part of the print process.  Rather, the plug-in simply selects (chooses) the correct printer specified in the script step when you call the plug-in and then call the "Print" script step.  In addition, it will not disturb printing for other computers on the network and only affects printing for those computers where the plug-in is installed AND where you actually call the plug-in via a script.  You should however adjust your script to first understand if the plug-in is installed or not before attempting to call it.  Again, using this technique of checking for the installation of the plug-in first before calling it will prevent any unwanted results.  See the Change Printer documentation and demo for details for determining the mode and version of the plug-in before attempting to switch printers with it.

Hope that explains things a bit.
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