Author Topic: "cannot send email due to unknown error, please contact your administrator"  (Read 3425 times)


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This problem just started a couple days ago:

When drafting an email to a list of clients the above message pops up and then FM freezes. No email data is sent to Outlook and FM needs to be force quit from task manager. Everything was working great up until just a few days ago and I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot.

Any ideas?

Melinda DePalma

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What changed in your environment a few days ago?

In order to look further into the issue could you please provide me with some additional details:
1) FileMaker version?
2) Outlook version?
3) Plug-in version?
4) FileMaker file being used or if using the Core² CRM, then please tell me the Core version?
5) Can you send email using the FileMaker Demo file that comes in the original download or do you receive this same error?
6) Have you restarted your machine?

Please let me know.