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Melinda DePalma:
If you do not have access to FileMaker Advanced then please add error trapping in your script by calling PCQB_SGetStatus if !!ERROR!! or ? are returned directly after the BeginSession and Execute functions.

Please let me know what errors are returned.

The Advanced version is not available for download on the Filemaker site, only the standard version and Server.  The site doesn't state if Script Debugger is a feature of Server.  Do you know if it is?

John Nate

Melinda DePalma:
ScriptDebugger is only on FileMaker Pro Advanced. Since you do not have access to FileMaker Pro Advanced, then please add error trapping in your scripts. Directly after the BeginSession and RqExecute functions, call SGetStatus IF the result does not equal 0.

Please let me know what error text is returned.

Melinda DePalma:
After adding the additional error trapping mentioned above, the following error was received:

CODE: 3140
MESSAGE: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks ItemInventoryAssembly "Converting-Test" in the BuildAssembly.  QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument.  The specified record does not exist in the list.

In QuickBooks the "Converting-Test" record does exist as shown in the screen shot. However the issue was that "Converting-Test" is a subitem of "Converted Rolls" and therefore needs to be properly referenced. The screen shot also explains how to properly reference a FullName that has "ancestors." Basically you should reference “Converted Rolls:Converting-Test” as the FullName must be prefixed by the names of each ancestor. 

I confirmed with John that this resloved the issue. Hopefully this response will assist others when developing their FileMaker scripts. Please remember to always add error trapping to your scripts and reference the OSR!


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